Best RF skin tightening machine for home use

Best RF skin tightening machine for home use

August 31, 2020

LB058 RF skin tightening machine is portable and with enough RF power for home use
It is very difficult to select a suitable RF skin tightening machine from various shopping store.the main problem is the banlance betwen the size of machine and RF power.A enough power RF skin tightening usually come with big size and isn't portable.Or you can choose a handheld type,But the RF power is difficult to matche with the lines.So,I suggest the LB056 RF skin tightening machine for you.
RF skin tighenting machine for home use

Principle of RF treatment

The RF Skin Tightening Machine is equipped with 2pcs of treatment heads, relatively for face and eye area skin. It adopts 5MHz RF to create 45-60℃ thermal energy to stimulate collagen proliferation so as to tighten the skin, remove fine lines and wrinkles, lift the skin and improve skin elasticity.

Features of LBO56 RF skin tighening machine

  1. 2 treatment heads—— applicable for both eye area and facial skin treatment.
  2. 5MHz RF technology—— deliver thermal energy to promote collagen regrowth.
  3. Adjustable energy levels—— flexible intensity to achieve different treatment results.
  4. Non-invasive treatment—— safe, painless and reliable.