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No Needle Mesotherapy Machine
What is Needle free Mesotherapy?
No Needle Mesotherapy is based on electroporation and electroosmosis technology.
Electroporation : Under the action of electric shock, mini holes are formed on skin. According to the length of the shock,the holes will keep open for several seconds to several minutes. 
And the hydrophilic molecules that could not be absorbed by the cell will be penetrated into the skin cell.

Electroosmosis : Same polarity will repel each other, while those of different polarity will attract each other.It is mainly used for helping the substance molecules to be penetrated the skin successfully.

It works on the skin directly, and help the permeability of skin,so that hydrophilic molecules that could not be absorbed will be penetrated to skin for a healthy and young face.

How does it work?
With the of "from point to plane", micro penetration technology ,it helps to deliver the the nutrition products to the skin tissue directly and deeply for a good absorb.
It will improve the skin's absorption and penetration by 10-20 times and help to remove smooth wrinkles and delay skin aging.Also,it will help to promote skin metabolism to keep a young skin.


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