Mesotherapy Machine

Mesotherapy Machine(msotherapy Gun+needle-free mesotherapy machine) for beauty Spa&salon&home use.

LB168 Multi-functional No Needle Mesotherapy Machine

Technology:Mesotherapy((micro-needle gun))+RF+Microdermabrasion+Cold+Galvanic Function:Skin rejuvenation(cleaning+tightening+nutrition injection)

LB212 Mesotherapy machine

Technology:Mesotherapy(micro-needle gun)+RF+LED Function:Face care(moisturizing+whitening+lifting)+Wrinkle reoval

LB214 Mesotherapy machine

Technology:Mesotherapy((micro-needle gun)) Function:Face care(moisturizing+whitening+absorbation help)

LB220 2 in 1 deep cleaning mesotherapy gun

Technology:Mesotherapy(micro-needle gun)+Water dermabration Function:Face care(moisturizing+whitening+cleaning)

JF270 Skin moisturizing anti-aging no-needle mesotherapy device

Technology:Mesotherapy(needle-free) Function:Skin rejuvenation(nutrition injection)

LB292 Skin rejuvenation mesotherapy gun

Technology:Mesotherapy( micro-needle gun) Function:Scar Removal+Wrinkle Removal+Absorption help  

SC325 Skin rejuvenation wrinkle removal mesotherapy gun

Technology:Mesotherapy(micro-needle gun) Function:Face care(moisturizing+whitening+absorbation help)

SC725 Hydra pen H2 skin rejuvenation home use

Hydra Pen H2 is a new device combines the functions of microdermabrasion,mesotherapy and microneedling It is for fractional mesotherapy treatment which rejuvenates your skin from the inside and outside.

Wireless rechargeable microneedling led photon electric derma pen

Wireless rechargeable microneedling vibration 6000-14000rpm 7 colors led photon electric derma pen for wrinkle removal and acne treatment