Best ultrasonic skin scrubber SC010B

Best ultrasonic skin scrubber SC010B

Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber for Facial Deep Cleaning

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Best ultrasonic skin scrubber SC010B Product Description

Use principle

Personal massager ultrasonic stainless steel scrubber vibrates 28000 times per second, can instant decomposition the black heads, white pimples & acnes, remove cuticles and export out of skin. The ultrasound therapy can rise the temperature in deep skin to promote metabolism, speed up the nutrition importing. In the thermal effect of the vibration, it will produce a series of biochemical reactions in human body, like drug release, changes in ion state etc, thus achieve the beauty effect.


1. The high frequency vibration can functions in deep skin, remove the dirts and remove cuticles and dead cells completely.

2. Remove acne/pimples/black heads.

3. Promote metabolism, lighten spots, whitening.

4. The negative ion can form a electric filed on the skin and penetrate the ionized essences into deep skin.

5. Deeply cleanse skin and pores, the scraper type probe can remove dead skin and dirts.

6. The ultrasound can make the beauty essences thin and atomization. Thus the cosmetic residue blocked the pores can be cleaned up.

7. Decompose melanin, eliminate dark spots

8. Remove fine lines, anti wrinkle, tightening skin.

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Power Input

100-240V, AC, 50/60HZ


5.5V DC, 500mA


3.7V/ 1000mAH

Charging time

3 hours

Product Size

170 * 52 * 20mm

Product Weight


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