Cellulite removal machine JF606

Cellulite removal machine JF606

Frozen Fat Dissolving Cavitation Body Slimming Machine

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A new, non-invasive way to gently and effectively reduce fat in targeted areas. As triglyceride in fats will be converted into solid in particular low temperature, it uses cooling technology to selectively target fat, eliminate fat cells through a gradual process that does not harm the surrounding tissues, reduce unwanted fat. The handle surface cooling contact regulates the temperature of skin and protects dermal structures, realize the fast body-reshape effects and skin tightening.


The disadvantages of other weight loss ways

1.Weight loss by sport exercise: hard to insist
If you insist, but grow muscle. If not insist and stop, getting fat is faster than weight loss.
2.Weight loss by diet: unhealthy
Everyday eats vegetable and fruits, so be hunger and feel dizzy and always be tired. The body constitution decline.
3.Weight loss by liposuction: hurt skin
Liposuction costs much and has side effect, will fast rebound.
4.Weight loss by taking pills: easy to rebound
Every medicine has its side effect. It is easy to cause physical disorder and has great side effects. Being rebound if stop pills.

Operating interface

1.Fat dissolving handle screen

2.Starting interface

3.Frozen fat dissolving interface

4.RF interface

5. Cavitation interface

6.Laser interface

Treatment area and suggested time

1.Thigh: 30 minutes.
2.Buttocks: 20-30 minutes.
3.Back: 20-30 minutes.
4.Arm: 30 minutes.
5.Abdomen: 20-30 minutes.

Cellulite removal machine JF606 Function

1.Fat removal.
2.Body shaping.
3.Skin tightening.
4.Improve blood circulation.
5.Strengthen the skin elasticity.


1.Non-surgical technology.
2.It can remove the fat part you want.
3.Suitable for all kinds of skin.
4.No pain, no scar.

Attention matter

1.Do not apply the device on children less than 7 years old, over 7 requires medical advice.
2.The device cannot be used on eyes, throat, ears, glottis and the genital area.
3.Please do not continuously use this device over 1 hour.
4.Do not use the strong acid/base or alcohol to clean this device(use physiological saline).
5.Personal use is prohibited, it is designed for professional use.
6.Do not wear any mental decorations.


1.Pregnant women.
2.Women during in menses.
4.Patients with malignancy.
5.Patients has wound not healed up.
6.Acute inflammation or epidemical patients.
7.Heart diseases or with heart pacemaker.
8.People with kidney(gall-stone) disease.
9.People with mental object or silica gel inside.
10.People in birth control period, emiction incontinence period.
11.People with genetic hypersensitivity.
12.People suffer from epilepsy such mental illness.

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