Face scrub machine LB257

Face scrub machine LB257

Ultrasonic Skin Spatula Facial Digital Face Skin Scrubber Peeling Deep Cleaner Device

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Face scrub machine LB257 Product Description

Introduction and efficacy:

Through high frequency vibrations, shovel-type cleansing beauty apparatus can carry our deep-massage, which will promote the motion of fat while improving the micro circulation, stimulate the combustion, splitting and conversion of the lipocyte into metabolite and further discharge out of the body so as to achieve cleansing effects.

By adopting shovel-type probe, it can go deep into the skin by 3~7mm, thin and atomize the dedicated beauty lotion through acoustical oscilation to emulsify the filth and redundant sebum, the leftovers of the makeup in the pores and sweat scale and eliminate along with the splashed water. As a fastest and most effective cleansing method, it can remove filth, corneum, fat granule and acne etc., make the skin with better absorption so as to achieve the effect of deeply cleansing and healthy whitening.

An operation way of 45 degree angle shall be adopted to accelerate the metabolism of epidermic cells and renew its normal upgrading rate, enhance the shedding of the aged and irregular aberrant cells, soften the keration, reorder the epidermic cells while restoring the skin elasticity and reverting to a firm, smooth and delicate skin.

Skin Scrubber Application:

1. Exfoliate dead skin cells for a cleaner.

2. Loosen and remove oil, dirt and cellular debris from follicles for cleaner.

3. Gently stimulate skin to produce collagen and elastic. Fine lines and wrinkles are diminished.

4. Aid in penetrating skin care products deep into the skin and it is more effective as it penetrates and acts deep within the skin.

5. This is gentle, non-invasive, safe and suitable for all skin types, from Acne to Rosacea and Mature skin.

Use principle:


1. Remove the acne without pain

2. Clean the spot

3. Clean cuticle

4. Remove wrinkle

5. Remove melanin of the skin


BOOST RADIANCE: Skin scrubber uses the power of ultrasonic waves to give your skin the total care it craves.

MAXIMUM ABSORPTION: Gentle and extremely effective, these ultrasonic vibrations exfoliate dead skin, increase circulation, and improve skincare absorption.

SAFE & GENTLE: Hold the Labelle with the spatula blade angled down. While skin is wet, gently glide the edge of the spatula along the skin's surface.

EFFECTIVE EXFOLIATION: The spatula is made of 100% stainless steel and allows for a professional exfoliation treatment

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Package includes:

1x Ultrasonic Cleaning Face Device
1x Power Adapter
1x User Manual

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