Facial cleansing brush SC512

Facial cleansing brush SC512

Facial cleansing brush SC512-Electric Silicone Waterproof Facial Cleaning Device

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Brief introduction

This cleaning silicone facial brush is designed specifically for women skin, and it will give our skin a natural healthy luster, and repair to be smooth and youthful. When it is used, its round silicone points touch and go deep into the skin to clean the excess oil secreted by skin glands and residual cosmetics.


Facial cleansing brush SC512 Feature

1.Food grade silicone material.
2.Whole body waterproof.
3.1200mAh battery: long life.
4.Easy to clean and operate.
5.7800rmp: high frequency vibration.
6.One button, easy to control.


1.Deep cleaning.
2.Improve oily skin.
3.Remove blackhead.
4.Improve acne.
5.Shrink pores.
6.Remove makeup residue.

Attention matters
1.Please do not use it when charging.
2.Do not place the silicone brush in a high temperature places.
3.Keep it out of the reach of children.
4.The main body is water-proof, but do not soak it in water.
5.Do not use silicone-soluble or granular cleansers.

6.If you feel any discomfort, please stop using it and consult a doctor immediately.

7.Please clean brush after each use.
8.Avoid direct sunlight.
9.Please take care when clean the lower part of the eyes.

Taboo people
1.Pregnant women.
2.Who with pacemakers in body.
3.Who suffer from skin inflammation.
4.Who with sever acne.
5.People suffer from sunburn.
6.Who have done major surgery.

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