LB215C LED light beauty machine
  • LB215C LED light beauty machine
  • LB215C LED light beauty machine
  • LB215C LED light beauty machine
  • LB215C LED light beauty machine

LB215C LED light beauty machine

Technology: PDT/LED Phototherapy
Function:Skin care(shrink pores+acne removal+anti-aging etc.)

Product Details

LED light beauty machine with four Colors 
Product introduction
Spectrometer beauty instrument, exquisite appearance, unique design, selection of LED wick, precise depth of light source, through different color light source irradiation, can play a different effect on the skin care and treatment, compared with the common LED beauty instrument have different grades, South korea’s newest beauty technology of a kind of biological active luminescence, no high fever, application of low energy pure light and unique light modulation technology for skin care and treatment, has a natural mild, significant effect, low risk, no side effects, and other characteristics, it’s a skin care specialist, applicable to all types of skin.
LED light beauty machine features
LED light beauty machine structure
LED light beauty machine accessories
LED light beauty machine LED colors

1.Prevent pimples and fade out pox
2. Repair the damaged skin
3. Shrink the pore
4.Whiten and tender skin
5.Regenerate cells
6.Smooth wrinkles

1.Eyes protection design.

2.Easy operation.
3.Non-invasive, no hurt to skin.
4.Suitable for any kind of skin.
5.Detachable and save space.
LED light beauty machine functions
LED light beauty machine effections

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