Plasma device LB221

Plasma device LB221

 Skin Rejuvenation Acne Removal Beauty Machine

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The non-invasive superconductor uses TDDS PDP conduction technology to open up the adhesion molecules that connect the skin cells, combines two major techniques of PDP transmission and focused ultrasound to quickly open the channels of cells, promoting cell infiltration and penetration of nutrient solution, and simultaneously stimulating the lymphatic system to promote collagen regeneration. With the use of different essences can achieve the effects of skin rejuvenation, antibacterial, bactericidal, anti-inflammatory, whitening, collagen regeneration. 


Plasma device LB221 structure

Operating interface




1.TDDS PDP technology.
2.Strong ability to disinfect.


1.Brighten skin.
2.Improve dark yellow skin.
3.Eliminate pigmentation.
4.Smooth wrinkles.
5.Improve pores.
6.Improve sagging skin.
7.Skin lifting.

Operating process

1.Place the probe to the accessories rack and connect it.
2.Connect power cord.
3.Open power switch.
4.Click the device to enter main interface.
5.Select related operation interface.

Taboos people

1.Pregnant women.
2.Menstrual period.
3.Lactation period.
4.People with skin infections, skin wounds.
5.People with severe hypertension, heart disease, diabetes, cancer.
6.People with mental diseases.
7.People with mental frame om body.

Attention matter

1.After exposure to sun, colorful light or laser treatment, the operation can only be done after one month.
2.Do not place it in a place with moisture.
3.Do not place it in a place with direct sunlight.
4.Far away from the flammable or explosive materials.
5.When not use, it’s best to cover it with velvet or gauze to prevent dust.
6.When do cleansing, use a dry cloth or wrung wet cloth to wipe it. Do not wash it.
7.All wire type accessories are strictly forbidden to pull and twist.
8.When using, do not use other high-frequency electric appliances.

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