Professional radio frequency machine JF304

Professional radio frequency machine JF304

Face Lifting Body Slimming Anti-wrinkle Quantum RF Machine

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Quantum RF technology

Using quantum computing to automatically control the stratified frequency conversion technology, it is transmitted to the vortex transmitter in the form of high-fidelity radio wave, and controls the output frequency variation selectively produce high heat in the epidermis, dermis and fascia of skin, induce wound healing in the dermis through heat treatment, promote the continuous release of collage from dermal fibroblast, promote the continuous synthesis of new collagen. It achieves the aims: replenish damaged collagen, awaken skin’s elasticity and lasting firming skin. At the same time, deep focused high heat has a satisfactory effect on improving the anti-lipid particles.





Operating interface

Technology feature 

1.Quantum RF technology.
2.IR & cold light frequency conversion technology.
3.Quantum computing automatically control stratified frequency conversion technology.
4.Load output automatic balancing technology.
5.High fidelity waveform output technology.
6.Non-sensor quantum computing movement detection and recognition technology.



1.Improve skin elasticity.
2.Remove wrinkle.
3.Shrink pore.
4.Face lifting.
5.Improve skin quality.
6.Improve eye pouch and black circle.
7.Body shaping.


Attention matters

1.Do not wear any mental decoration, both for the beautician and the users.
2.The electrode probe must be fully in contact with skin.
3.Do not make the electrode stay on any part without moving. Keep it moving on skin slowly.
4.Skin around eyes and forehead is very thin, the output intensity should be relatively weakened.
5.Do not let the Q-IR light straightly shine upon the eyes in case of eyes hurt.
6.Don’t operate the machine on the electriferous floor.
7.Other people do not touch the electrode flat when the machine is operating.
8.Other people do not touch operator and customer during treatment time.
9.Prohibit use of the equipment in the following environment:
---Hot and humid environment.
---Dusty environment.
---Environment with much smoke or stream.

Taboo people

1.People with heart disease or high blood pressure, or configured cardiac pacemaker.
2.Patients with acute inflammation, asthma, deep vein thrombosis, thyroncus, cancer.
3.People with hemorrhagic disease, trauma or who is bleeding.
4.Pregnant women.
5.Medical Plastic parts, or parts with artificial in filling inside.
6.People with mental inside the body(include metallic tooth).
7.Patient with skin inflammation or with edema.
8.People with an abnormal immune system.
9.Numb or insensitive to heat.
10.Patients with severe infection.


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