Professional ultrasonic cavitation machine JF242

Professional ultrasonic cavitation machine JF242

Professional ultrasonic cavitation machine-5 in 1 Vacuum Cavitation Slimming Machine

Product Details

Five handles



Professional ultrasonic cavitation machine JF242 function

1.Remove black eye circle.
2.Skin tendering.
3.Weight loss
4.Skin tightening.
5.Remove wrinkles.



1.LED lights + Cavitation + Vacuum + Multi-polar + Micro-current
2.Five handles.
3.Non-invasive, no bleeding, no swelling.
5.Almost suitable to all fat people. 


Operating interface

1.Starting interface.


2.Cavitation + RF interface


3.Vacuum RF interface(12-polar)



4.BIO (micro-current) 



5.Body RF (5-polar)



6.Face RF (tri-polar)



Treating area and time

1.Thigh: 10 minutes.
2.Buttocks: 5-10 minutes.
3.Back: 20-30 minutes.
4.Arm: 20-30 minutes.
5.Face: 20-30 minutes.
6.Eye: 20-30 minutes.
7.Abdomen: 20-30 minutes.

Taboos people

1.Pregnant women or women during in menses.
3.Patients with malignancy.
4.Patient with wound not healed up.
5.Acute inflammation or epidemical patients.
6.Heart diseases or people with heart pacemaker.
7.Kidney (gall-stone) disease.
8.Who was embedded mental object or silica gel.
9.Who in Birth control period, emiction incontinence period or accepting the belly operation.
10.Whose body always take much inner hot.
11.Who has the genetic hypersensitivity.


Attention matter

1.Be sure to use the special ultrasonic gel.
2.Avoid knocking the head.
3.Please prepare enough gel in case of burning the head.
4.Don’t stay in one place, avoid treating on the bone.
5.Don’t use disinfectant product on head. We suggest the wet cotton or dry towel.
6.Check the machine power cord if it connected well.
7.Please power off if the machine will not use for a long time.
8.Operator and patient do not wear mental decoration.
9.Please pause about 10 minutes if the machine continuously use 1 hour.
10.During the operation, be sure not to accept other treatment.

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