Body massage machine SC510

Body massage machine SC510

Portable Guasha Scraping Face Lifting Beauty Machine

Product Details

Product structure



1.Apply skin care product on treated area.
2.Power on, press on/off button.
3.Choose the care mode.
5.Power off after operation.
6.Clean the device.

Operation diagram


1.Relieve fatigue.
2.Remove eye bags.
3.Remove eye dark circle.
4.Face lifting.
5.Smooth skin.
6.Improve wrinkle.
7.Remove edema.

Body massage machine SC510 Feature

1.Beautiful moon shape.
2.Vibration massage + warm massage.
3.360°enclosed touched bar.
4.Small size and convenient.

Attention matter

1.Clean device, do not use water and cleaning agents, do not use alcohol, petrol, acetone. Wipe with a soft tissue or a clean flannel.
2.When the product is idle after being turned on, it will be automatically turn off after 15 minutes.
3.In the hot mode, the temperature will reach 45℃.
4.If you have skin problems or any medical concerns, please consult a dermatologist before use.
5.If you have any discomfort during the use, please stop using it immediately.
6.Please be careful when taking care of the eye area. Do not let the product directly contact the eyelids or the eyeballs.
7.We do not recommend that you share this product with others.
8.Please avoid direct sunlight, do not put in extreme heat or boiling water.
9.Please put the device in the place that children cannot touch.
10.Do not use when the product or charger is damaged.

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Product parameter

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