PJ040B Anti-freezing membrane
  • PJ040B Anti-freezing membrane
  • PJ040B Anti-freezing membrane

PJ040B Anti-freezing membrane

Wholesale Anti-Freezing Membrane for cryotherapy slimming machine


Product Details

Anti-freezing membrane 
Antifreeze membrane is an important and necessary part of every, single treatment with the most advanced method of eliminating fat - Cryotherpay. Composition BOME antifreeze mebrane contains hypoallergenic substances that during development have proved most suitable for safe and clean handling and basic membrane was fabricated using a new, advanced technology nanostructures.

We develop a membrane specifically for the purpose of Cryolipolysis, which would provide ideal guidance cold with minimum loss of energy and also acted as a better protection of the surface layer of the skin.

Effectively protect the skin from direct exposure to the low temperature.
Enables rapid management of cold air into the subcutaneous tissue to stored fat cells in order to effect the most efficient Cryolipolysis partially protects the skin from the upper part of the mechanical action of the suction head Nanofibers perfectly fill a gap fabrics to better protect the skin against irritation.


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