Ultrasonic cleaner LB408

Ultrasonic cleaner LB408

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Product Details

Ultrasonic cleaner LB408 Product Description

Use principle

Three modes

1. Leading out cleaning mode

Ultrasonic micro-vibration deeply clean skin grease, dirt, remove dead skin and cutin, recover smooth and glossy skin.

2.Leading in moisture keeping mode

Pulse wave increase skin effective absorption, lift and firm skin, reduce wrinkles.

3.Massage lifting and pulling mode

High frequency vibration, recover skin vitality to be younger and brighter.

Warm prompt

1. It advised that the instrument charge about 8 hours for the first time.

2. It advised that the cleaning mode use 2-3 time per week.

3. Do not immerse or swash this product in water, or use alcohol to clean head area.

4. Skin inflammation or breakage wound do not use.

5.Please put the device in a cool and dry environment.


Suitable people

1.Much grease secretion

2.Loose and sagging skin

3.Acculmulated blackhead and cutin

4.Do not want to beauty salon

5.Appear wrinkles

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