V5 Pro RF Body Slimming Machines
  • V5 Pro RF Body Slimming Machines
  • V5 Pro RF Body Slimming Machines
  • V5 Pro RF Body Slimming Machines

V5 Pro RF Body Slimming Machines

Konmison V5 pro focus ultrasonic RF cavitation body slimming machines.

Product Details

Mean function

1.Body slimming. 2.Body shaping. 3.Skin tightening. 4.Remove wrinkle.
5.Warm vacuum body massage. 6.Improve skin elasticity.


1.Technology: RF + Focused ultrasound + Vacuum + BIO + Cavitation + infrared LED.
2.V10 handle with 5 technology: cavitation + BIO + RF + vacuum + infrared LED.
3.Handle A and handle B suitable for different size treatment area.
4.The machine with vents for heat emission. 5.Non-invasive.


Focused ultrasound Deep into the subcutaneous fat layer by turning the energy source into individual hot
condensation points to destroy the unexpected fat cells, reduce unexpected fat cells, stimulate elastic
fiber, unexpected fat cells decomposed into triglyceride, excreted through the body’s metabolism to get
the effect of body shaping. RF With the technology of RF, skip the epidermis directly to the subcutaneous
tissue, resonating water molecules in the skin and subcutaneous tissue, accelerate heat generation by tissue
friction, elevated temperature promotes catabolism of subcutaneous fat, stimulating the proliferation and
recombination of collagen and elastic fiber to achieve the effect of skin tightening, shaping and lifting

Before and after

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Product parameter
Product name V5 Pro RF body slimming beauty machine
Type LB336B
Power 160W
Supply frequency 50-60HZ
Voltage 220V
Operating voltage 36V
Focused ultrasound 4MHZ
Operation handle 3pcs
Package size 52*46*28cm
Gross weight 22kg
Warranty 12 months

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