hifu beauty machine

Konmison specializes in beauty and personal care device. Our products are aimed at face?&?body?care and they adopt high-edge technology to give our customers the best effect and service. For face care and body care, our representative devices are RF?skin?care?machine,?ultrasonic?beauty?machine, PDT?therapy?machine, and?so?on. Some of them simultaneously have the functions of skin care, face care and body care. The technologies we apply contribute to achieve fabulous effect on both spot area like wrinkle?removal,?blackhead?removal, mole?removal and larger area like breast?enlargement,?weight?loss,?face?lifting,??eye care. Chasing beauty is everyone’s lifelong goal. Our products are dedicated to give you a magic experience of being a beauty.

4D Hifu Skin Firming Body Shaping Hifu V-max Beauty Machine

This V-max Beauty Machine combines 4D hifu with the Hifu V-max technology. The ultrasound can directly reach the SMAS layer, deliver 65-72℃ thermal energy to the SMAS layer, producing thermal coagulation to shrink pores and regenerate collagen,promoting the suspension of SMAS fascia, and comprehensively solving the sagging and relaxation problems of the face. 

3D Hifu Face Lifting Body Shaping Anti-aging Machine

The 3D Hifu can directly reach SMAS layer to improve SMAS fascia suspension, thoroughly solve the problem of facial and body skin sagging and relaxing.