High frequency facial machine

Guangzhou Konmison Electronic Technology Co.,LTD is a professional beauty equipment manufacturer in China.Konmison specilizes in derma roller,derma pen,RF skin care machine, ultrasonic beauty machine,PDT therapy machine,high frequency facial machine,slimming machine,HIFU machine, IPL and Laser machine and so on.
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Led face mask SC549

Professional led pdt red blue led light therapy led light therapy face mask

Led face mask SC118C

Led light therapy mask 7 color led face mask

led light therapy facial SC256

Red light therapy PDT Beauty Therapy 7 colors Red LED Mask with Neck

Led light therapy mask SC353

Acne treatment 7 colours face led mask

7 Tubes Orange Ray Galvanic Wand High Frequency Facial Machine

Galvanic wand high frequency facial machine is a skin care treatment used by professionals to help treat and prevent stubborn acne, shrink enlarged pores, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, decongest puffy eyes, fade dark eye circles, rejuvenate the condition of the scalp and nourish hair follicles for healthier hair growth.

Violet ray high frequency ozone glass electrode facial machine with 7 tubes

high frequency ozone glass electrode facial machine have been show to remove acne spot, wrinkles,dark circles,  improve oily skin and appearance of puffy eyes, tighten and tone sagging skin and even promote healthier hair growth by producing with violet light.

O3 ozone beauty device

ozone beauty device O3 is widely known as the ozone that has the property of sterilizing and now is popularly used in beauty industry. This device produces O3 to sterilize bacteria in pores.

LED light photon therapy face mask

LED light photon therapy face mask  

Anti-aging face rejuvenation LED light machine

Anti-aging face rejuvenation LED light machine  

portable high frequency machine facial

10W portable high frequency machine facial with mushroom tube, tongue tube, bend tube and combe tube can accelerate blood circulation, strengthen lymph activity. stimulate circulation, eliminate acne & pimples,which is very popular in the market now.

Skin Care ozone therapy machine

Are you Annoying acne come out again and again?  Skin care products bring no efficacy? Then you need ozone therapy machine to help you regulate skin secretion, calm skin, promote skin blood circulation,tighten skin and remove acne.