Eliminate black acne marks with fruit acids

Eliminate black acne marks with fruit acids

September 27, 2020

Products containing fruit acids can promote the shedding of aged keratin, help skin metabolism, and improve pigmentation after black acne marks subsides. With the help of microneedle roller, the absorption is better and the effect is better.

contain fruit acid products
But everyone's skin is different, so be careful when brushing acid! Slowly go from low concentration to high concentration. It depends on your skin condition. You can start with the 3% concentration of fruit acid.

Not recommended for sensitive skin! ! ! ! ! !

  1. 1. Fruit acids below 3% concentration can make cuticles become regular, moisturizing, oil control and acne marks;
  2. 2. 3%-8% AHA can speed up the renewal speed of exfoliation and a small part of the upper skin cells, so that the acne marks are not obvious;
  3. 3. 10% AHA concentration can not only reduce black acne marks, but also smooth wrinkles, but please use it under the guidance of a doctor. 10% AHA concentration is also very harmful to the skin.

Many people can't help but squeeze acne, in fact, it is best not to squeeze acne. Especially when the acne is still immature.

In case you can't hold back the acne as soon as you squeeze it, it will eliminate inflammation. You can use saline to wet the compress, or use a liquid dressing deduced by the muscles, which can be used on the wound. This spray dressing can stop bleeding, isolate bacteria and replenish moisture, and accelerate the recovery of acne wounds.