How to pick a home disinfectant spray machine?

How to pick a home disinfectant spray machine?

August 11, 2020

Since the breakout of COVID-19, millions of people were infected due to its strong contagious ability. Also, many people lost their lives or families during the epidemic.
So it’s extremely important to know how to protect us from this disaster. Maybe you need face masks, enough disinfectant(a homemade disinfectant maker is convenient),or a good home disinfectant spray machine.
But how to pick a good home disinfectant spray machine? I selected several popular items for reference. Hope these information will be helpful to you.

1.Blue ray nano steam spray gun
Blue ray nano spray gun
  1. Heat water pump; finer mist and no water stains.
  2. Circuit board wrapped fountain to protect your fingers.
  3. Individual handle design to reduce arm pressure.

  1. Some of disinfectant is not safe to use under its high temperature spraying, such as alcohol.
  2. Plug-in power supply; not convenient.

Application: disinfection for clothes, electrical appliances, books, etc.
2.Wireless blue ray nano spray gun
wireless blue ray nano spray gun
  1. Wireless and rechargeable; more convenient.
  2. Lighter weight and smaller size.
  3. All disinfectant are safe to use under room temperature spraying.

  1. Bottle volume is a smaller. (350ml)
  2. Water mist with little water stains.

Applications: Furniture, floor, mall, inside car, etc.

3.Mini disinfectant mist spray device
mINI disinfectant mist spray device
  1. Mini size and portable.
  2. Ultrasonic mist technology.
  3. All disinfectant are safe to use under room temperature spraying.

  1. Volume is smaller.

Applications: Sterilization for your keys, hands, phone, etc.

The 3 items above are very efficient to kill bacteria and virus and they are suitable for various scenes in your daily life. I believe they will help you a lot during this pandemic.
In the end, hope you guys stay well and take good care of your families and your loved ones.