RF cavitation treatment-easy body slimming

RF cavitation treatment-easy body slimming

September 27, 2020

RF cavitation treatment uses electric waves similar to microwaves. The electrodes emit high-frequency electric waves to generate high heat to achieve the purpose of ablating fat in the treated area. The external electrodes acting on the dermis also generate high heat, which can affect the deep dermis of the skin. The collagen is heated to make it tightly arranged to achieve the effect of firming the skin; after treatment, the excess fat is removed and the curve of the legs is fully revealed.
RF cavitation treatment
RF cavitation treatment steps

  1. Massage the surgical site with high frequency before surgery.
  2. Use medicine injection (500cc-1000cc) after massage
  3. Laser treatment after injection needle.

The effect of radiofrequency lipolysis is not obvious once, usually 2-3 treatments.

Advantage of RF cavitation treatment
  1. High safety: avoid the hot spots in the heating area, which may cause skin burns, and ensure easy and safe treatment;
  2. The effect is remarkable: it overcomes the biggest difficulty of laser and photon, and the obstacle of insufficient penetration depth. It is an ideal heating technology for fat cells, which can quickly lose weight and shape;
  3. The integration of lipolysis and firming: while dissolving fat, it can make the skin dermis, subcutaneous fascia layer and diaphragm layer three-dimensionally shrink, and skin firmness can be increased by 40%;
  4. Resolve cellulite: It can not only tighten loose skin, but also resolve cellulite;
  5. Convenient and fast: treatment does not affect work and life.
Disadvantage of RF cavitation treatment
  1. 1. It takes multiple/multiple courses of treatment to get the desired effect;
  2. 2. There is no obvious liposuction effect;
  3. 3. There may be complications such as skin and deep tissue burns, seromas, skin ecchymosis (no treatment required), pigmentation and fat embolism.

Of course, we must also pay attention to side effects and risks. Radiofrequency lipolysis may make the skin uneven or asymmetrical.