What does Fascia Gun can do?

What does Fascia Gun can do?

September 19, 2020

1. It can loosen the thickened connective tissue and fascia and "release" the obstacles of fascia contraction;

2. Remove adhesions and internal scar tissue after injury or surgery;

3. Increase venous return and lymphatic circulation;

4. Improve muscle extensibility, especially when muscle cramps, stiffness and restriction, stimulate the reflex contraction of muscle fibers.
 Fascia gun therapeutic massage helps to recover the body from the stress of strenuous exercise, and helps to regulate and rebuild training. Rehabilitation will remove metabolic waste and better nutrient cells, normalize and enlarge tissue elasticity, treat trigger points and speed up wound healing.

Applicable scenarios: sports enthusiasts, fitness centers, sports rehabilitation clinics, sports training groups, etc.