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Cavitation Vacuum RF Slimming Machine
How does cavitation/ ultrasound work?
With the strong ultrasound energy, the fat cells are vibrated at a very high speed, and numerous vacuum air pockets are generated inside and outside the fat cells, which cause the blasting of the fat cell membrane.
That is called cavitation.

And then,the triglyceride from the fat cells is disintegrated into glycerol and free fatty acids,and to be excreted out by the lymphatic system.That is,the fat cells are broken and removed.
Finally,the body will be much more slim and health.

How does RF work?

When RF acts on the skin, it will make the collagen fibers of the derm heated to 45℃-65℃,then the collagen fiber will shrink in a short time, which will tighten the flabby skin.Moreover,with higher temperature from the
lasting RF energy,the collagen fibers will be damaged and it will stimulate the collagen to rebirth.

That is,the RF will stimulates the contraction of old collagen and the regeneration of new collagen for skin tightening/lifting.By this,RF energy will tighten the skin and remove the wrinkle with a very good result.


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