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Microdermabrasion Machine
What is diamond dermabrasion?
The diamond dermabrasion is a technology based on abrasion and vacuum suction. It is is a physical way for and exfoliator removal for skin refreshing .

How does it work?

With different micro-diamond tubes suction,together with different suction power and the moving speed, it is easy to reach the desired skin part for exfoliator removal for skin refreshing .
 It is a non-invasive way for skin care, non-irritant, safe-no side effects,convenient-easy to operate,which is popular nowadays.

What can it help to do?
1)Remove the aging skin cells; and promote the regeneration of skin.
2)quickly eliminating small wrinkles and shrinking pores.
3)solve skin problem effectively, such as acne,pockmarks, scars,or striae gravidarum.

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