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E-light Hair Removal Machine

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E-light Hair Removal Machine

What is E-light?

E-light=IPL+RF+ Cooling System
E-Light combines three core technology, IPL, RF, and epidermis cooling system,which says it comes with the advantage of both IPL and RF.

How does E-light work?
light works with the selective absorption of light energy by the skin tissue with different color,then the targeted tissue will be different from the normal skin tissue.In this way,the targeted tissue,like pigment,hair,tattoo will be damaged by the absorbed light energy and to be removed by the metabolism system.   
In general,IPL energy goes to the subcutaneous skin with a depth 4 mm,but E-light energy goes to the subcutaneous skin with a depth 15mm,which means a better treatment result with more application.
Moreover,with the cooling system,it will be much more comfortable.


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