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IPL and OPT Hair Removal Machine

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IPL And OPT Hair Removal Machine

What is IPL ?
IPL refers to intense pulsed light,it is a strong Light emitted by the flash light in the pulse mode. It is a visible light with high energy and broad wavelength,range from 530nm to 1200nm,which comes with soft photothermal effect.

What is OPT ?
OPT is short for Optimal Pulsed Light, which is upgrade for IPL .
Compared with the traditional IPL technology, OPT comes with better efficacy and safety.On energy,OPT is works in a even square wave, which means a stable energy output and effectively
control on the the whole process . Meanwhile, it is much safe -avoid the thermal damage of for the skin and make the treatment process more comfortable.

What can IPL/OPT do ?
hair removal+tattoo removal+skin rejuvenation(wrinkle+ freckle+acne+scar)

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