EMS& Sonar& Plasma Machine

EMS Sonar Plasma Machine
What is EMS ?
EMS is short for electro muscle stimulation,also known as muscle electrical movement technology.
The micro current from EMS will make the muscle revive.

How does EMS work?
In traditional training, muscle contractions are caused by bioelectrical signals sent by the brain, and muscle groups that are not tightly linked to the brain are not trained effectively enough.
EMS will stimulate the major muscle groups to strengthen the connections between muscle neurons and the brain.In this way,the muscle groups with relatively weak connections to the brain
also will  be trained effectively and more muscle fibers are generated.And these activated muscles require more energy and calories,which help to achieve weight loss,wrinkle removal,skin tightening
 and health goals.

LB221 Portable 2 in 1 plasma skin lifting machine

Technology:Ultrasonic+Plasma+Ozone Function:spot + acne removal+ skin lifting

LB296 2 in 1 spot & acne removal skin lifting machine

Technology:Plasma+Ozone+EMS Function:spot + acne removal+ skin lifting

GN053 EMS facial skin massager skin rejuvenation machine

EMS facial skin massager skin rejuvenation machine with 2 sepqrated probes for face and eye massage and wrinkle removal skin righening.