Product Group

Our products range over 5 varieties, covering more than 10 series as follows:
1)Body Slimming Machine ;
2)Facial Skin Rejuvenation Machine;
3)Hair Removal Machine;
4) Face And Body Care Machine;
5) Mini Beauty Machine;
6)Spare Parts.

FX024D-X 21cm XL-Size Cup Vacuum Breast Enlargement Buttock Lift Body Sculpting Machine

Functions:  Buttock lifting -- 21cm XL cups Breast enlarging Weight loss Lymphatic detox Body massage Wrinkle removal Elasticity increase

SC892 Transparent Rechargeable 7-Color LED Photon Therapy Facial Beauty Mask

Functions:  Whiten & Brighten Skin Reduce Wrinkles & Spots Remove Acne & Acne Marks Balance Water & Oil Lift & Tighten Skin Shrink Pores

LB317C 80K Cavitation 6 In 1 Micro-current Vibration RF Slimming Machine

Functions:  Weight loss Skin firming Skin brightening Wrinkle removal Lymphatic detox Cellulite reducing Skin elasticity increase

JF705 40K Cavitation 3.0 Multifunctional Ultrasound Vacuum Body Slimming Machine

Functions:  Fatigue Relieving Postpartum Recovery Stretch Mark Removal Weight Loss & Body Massage Immunity Enhancing & Lymphatic Detox Skin Tightening & Elasticity Increase & Sensitivity Lowering

JF678 40K Cavitation Multifunctal Vacuum RF Slimming Machine

Functions:  Body Slimming & Shaping Fat Reduction Skin Tightening Wrinkle Removal Improve Skin Elasticity

JF252C Vacuum RF High Frequency Skin Lifting Body Shaping Machine

Vacuum RF High Frequency Skin Lifting Body Shaping Machine Function:  Fat reduction & Body shaping & Muscle tension relieving Anti-wrinkle Improving skin elasticity & Skin lifting Promoting blood circulation Lymphatic drainage

SC927 Wireless Electric Nano Needling Derma Pen

Function:  Improve Nutrient Absorption Moisturize Skin Brighten Skin Shrink Pores Reduce Wrinkles Reduce Acne Reduce Freckles Remove Scars Reduce Aged Skin Remove Stretch Marks.

8.2677 Inch 180ML 21CM XXL Size Vacuum Cup

Functions:  Breast enlargement Improve breast shape Purify lymphatic system Eliminate wrinkle Enhance skin elasticity Hip lifting

LB355 6 in 1 H2O2 Oxygen Facial Beauty Machine

Functions:  Blackhead removal Wrinkle removal Skin tightening Face lifting Skin moisturizing Shrinking pores Skin brightening Improve skin texture. 

LB467 Oxy hydrogen Bubble Skin Care Cleaning Machine

Functions:  Anti-oxidation Skin deep cleaning Skin whitening and brightening Skin moisturizing Skin rejuvenation Acne and mite elimination Pore shrinking Blackhead removal

JF699 6 In 1 Skin Tightening Slimming Machine

Functions:  For body: Body slimming & shaping, Cellulite & fat removal. For face: Whiten & brighten skin, Lift & tighten skin, Reduce wrinkle, Remove freckles, Remove double chin. For eye area: Reduce crow’s feet/ dark circles/under-eye bags.