Product Group

Our products range over 5 varieties, covering more than 10 series as follows:
1)Body Slimming Machine ;
2)Facial Skin Rejuvenation Machine;
3)Hair Removal Machine;
4) Face And Body Care Machine;
5) Mini Beauty Machine;
6)Spare Parts.

2021 New High Frequency Electrotherapy Beauty Device

Functions:  *Sterilize skin *Remove acne *Heal wounds *Shrink pores *Tighten skin *Calm nerves *Remove wrinkles *Promote hair growth *Improve blood circulatio

2021 New Portable 8 In 1 Hydra Oxygen dermabrasion machine

Technology:Water dermabrasion+ultrasonic+rf + vacuum cleaning+ nano spray+ ion+ plasma Function:Skin Care(cleaning+moisture+whitening+tightening etc.)  

2021 New Portable 40K Cavitation Slimming Beauty Machine

Technology:ultrasound/ultrasonic/cavitation/blaster Application:body and face slimming/sculpting

JF704 Cryolipolysis Fat Freezing Vacuum 360° Double Handles Body Slimming Machine

Functions:  Local fat & cellulite reducing Body slimming & shaping Lymphatic drainage & detox Skin sedation & rejuvenation Promoting metabolism & blood circulation

JF643 40K Mini Cavitation Slimming Machine

Technology:ultrasound/ultrasonic/cavitation/blaster Application:body and face slimming/sculpting

JF245C Mini Home Use 40K Ultrasound Cavitation HIFU Body Slimming Machine

Functions: Body slimming Skin tightening Hip lifting Body shaping

2021 New Portable 7D HIFU Beauty Machine For Lifting & Slimming

Technology:Hifu (ultrasound/cavitation/blaster) Application:Body and face slimming+Skin lifting

SC931 LED Facial 7-Color Beauty Mask

Functions:  Whiten & brighten skin Reduce wrinkles & spots Remove acne & acne marks Balance water & oil Lift & tighten skin Shrink pores

JF706 40K Cavitation Vacuum RF Lipo Laser Multifunctional Slimming Machine

Functions:  Reduce fat & Relieve muscle fatigue Promote detoxification & Tighten skin Accelerate blood circulation Improve absorption of skin care products Lift & rejuvenate &tighten skin &shrink pores

JF707 40K Cavitation 3.0 Vacuum 5 in1 Body Slimming Machine

Functions:  Lymphatic Detox Immunity Enhancing Postpartum Recovery Stretch Mark Removal Body Massage & Fatigue Relieving & Weight Loss Skin Firming & Elasticity Increase & Sensitivity Lowering

JF664 40K Cavitation Ultrasound Weight Loss Body Slimming Machine

Functions:  Reduce fat Lift skin Tighten skin Relax muscles Promote skin blood circulation

FX024D-X 21cm XL-Size Cup Vacuum Breast Enlargement Buttock Lift Body Sculpting Machine

Functions:  Buttock lifting -- 21cm XL cups Breast enlarging Weight loss Lymphatic detox Body massage Wrinkle removal Elasticity increase