Body Slimming Machine

Konmison specializes in Body Slimming Machine with  CE/FDA/ROSH  Certificication.
Technology: Cryolipolysis+ Hifu liposonix+Vacuum Cavitation RF+ EMS+ Vibration+Laser +IR etc.
Function:fatness broken and removal+lymphatic circulation improvement.
With factory outlet price and OEM/ODM service from China for beauty spa and salon and home use.

LB317C 80K Cavitation 6 In 1 Micro-current Vibration RF Slimming Machine

Functions:  Weight loss Skin firming Skin brightening Wrinkle removal Lymphatic detox Cellulite reducing Skin elasticity increase

JF705 40K Cavitation 3.0 Multifunctional Ultrasound Vacuum Body Slimming Machine

Functions:  Fatigue Relieving Postpartum Recovery Stretch Mark Removal Weight Loss & Body Massage Immunity Enhancing & Lymphatic Detox Skin Tightening & Elasticity Increase & Sensitivity Lowering

JF678 40K Cavitation Multifunctal Vacuum RF Slimming Machine

Functions:  Body Slimming & Shaping Fat Reduction Skin Tightening Wrinkle Removal Improve Skin Elasticity

JF252C Vacuum RF High Frequency Skin Lifting Body Shaping Machine

Vacuum RF High Frequency Skin Lifting Body Shaping Machine Function:  Fat reduction & Body shaping & Muscle tension relieving Anti-wrinkle Improving skin elasticity & Skin lifting Promoting blood circulation Lymphatic drainage

JF238B RF 40K Cavitation Fat Burning Slimming Machine

Functions:  Body slimming & shaping Fat reduction Skin tightening Wrinkle removal Improve skin elasticity

LB460 Ultrasound Cavitation Two-handle 7D Hifu Skin lifting Body Slimming Machine

Funcitons:  For Face:  Reduce crow’s fee/ bags under eyes/ forehead wrinkle/ nasolabial folds/Reduce neck lines;Remove double chin/Chiseled jawline;Lift & tighten skin. For Body:  Body slimming and shaping,Abdomen firming,Buttock tightening.  

JF697B Vacuum Fat Freezing Slimming Machine

 Functions:  Body slimming & shaping Lymphatic drainage & detox Skin sedation & rejuvenation Promoting metabolism & blood circulation

JF694 Body Slimming & Breast Enlarging Device

Functions:  1.Body slimming & shaping 2.Breast enlarging & butt lifting 3.Skin firming & tightening 4.Wrinkle & scar removal 5.Body massage & detox  

GN070 9D 2 in 1 Slimming & Lifting Hifu Lipo Machine

Functions: Lift & tighten skin Slim & shape body Reduce wrinkles Remove double chin Improve skin texture Increase skin elasticity

LB280 2 In 1 Lifting & Slimming Hifu Beauty Machine

Technology:Hifu (ultrasound/cavitation/blaster) Application:Body and face slimming+Skin lifting

LB372 Portable Lipo Sonic HIFU Slimming Machine

Technology:ultrasound/ultrasonic/cavitation/blaster Application:body and face slimming/sculpting