Facial Skin Rejuvenation Machine

Konmison specializes in Facial skin rejuvenation machine with CE/FDA/ROSH Certificication.
Technology:RF+PDT(LED)+Oxygen therapy+Water dermabrasion Machine+Microdermabrasion+Mesotherapy+Hot&Cold +EMS+Sonar+ Plasma+Ultrasound+.......

Function:wrinkl/freckle/acne removal+skin lifting+skin cleaning+absorbration help
With factory outlet price and OEM/ODM service from China for beauty spa and salon and home use.


2021 New Portable 8 In 1 Hydra Oxygen dermabrasion machine

Technology:Water dermabrasion+ultrasonic+rf + vacuum cleaning+ nano spray+ ion+ plasma Function:Skin Care(cleaning+moisture+whitening+tightening etc.)  

SC931 LED Facial 7-Color Beauty Mask

Functions:  Whiten & brighten skin Reduce wrinkles & spots Remove acne & acne marks Balance water & oil Lift & tighten skin Shrink pores

SC892 Transparent Rechargeable 7-Color LED Photon Therapy Facial Beauty Mask

Functions:  Whiten & Brighten Skin Reduce Wrinkles & Spots Remove Acne & Acne Marks Balance Water & Oil Lift & Tighten Skin Shrink Pores

GL010 Portable LED IR Skin Beauty Body Care Device

-Red light + Near infrared -Customizable wavelength -Skin beauty & Body care

SC927 Wireless Electric Nano Needling Derma Pen

Function:  Improve Nutrient Absorption Moisturize Skin Brighten Skin Shrink Pores Reduce Wrinkles Reduce Acne Reduce Freckles Remove Scars Reduce Aged Skin Remove Stretch Marks.

LB355 6 in 1 H2O2 Oxygen Facial Beauty Machine

Functions:  Blackhead removal Wrinkle removal Skin tightening Face lifting Skin moisturizing Shrinking pores Skin brightening Improve skin texture. 

LB467 Oxy hydrogen Bubble Skin Care Cleaning Machine

Functions:  Anti-oxidation Skin deep cleaning Skin whitening and brightening Skin moisturizing Skin rejuvenation Acne and mite elimination Pore shrinking Blackhead removal

LB400 Multi-functional Small Bubble Oxygen Facial Beauty Machine with Mask

Functions:  Skin deep cleaning & moisturizing Skin tightening & lifting Skin whitening & brightening Wrinkle & blackhead removal Improve skin elasticity & luster

LB439 6 in 1 Multifunctional Hydrogen-oxygen facial machine

Functions:  *Skin deep cleaning *Skin brightening *Skin moisturizing *Skin firming *Shrinking pores *Reducing puffiness *Removing dark circles/wrinkles/acne  

LB330 Magic Mirror Max | Home & Salon Skin Analysis Machine

Functions:  Skin condition analysis. Skin condition prediction. Cosmetic analysis. Detecting skin problems. Offering skin care plan. Automatic photo taking.

LB385 Portable RF Skin Tightening Machine

Technology:RF ( Fractional ) Function:Skin tightening+Wrinke removal

LB386 Mini Wrinkle Removal RF And Vacuum Machine

Technology:RF+Vacuum Function:Skin tightening+Wrinke removal