Skin Rejuvenation Device

Mini Handhold Skin Rejuvenation Device for beauty spa&salon&home use

SC605 Portable acne removal beauty machine

Technology:Ion Function: skin rejuvenation(acne/scar removal)  

SC609 Portable face cleansing skin rejuvenation Ion and RF beauty machine

Technology:RF+ion+vibration Function: skin rejuvenation(cleaning+wrinkle removal+facelifting)

SC611 Mini home use skin rejuvenation beauty machine

Technology:ion Function: skin rejuvenation(cleaning+wrinkle removal + facelifting)

SC624 Portable weight loss slimming beauty machine

Technology:RF Function: wrinkle removal+slimming  

SC843 Home use ultrasonic RF skin tightening machine

Ultrasonic RF skin tightening machine wireless rechargeable 2 in 1 lightweight & handyhome use for skin firming and lifting with delicate design and packaging.