Water Dermabrasion Beauty Machine

Water Dermabrasion Beauty Machine
What is Water Dermabrasion/small bubble?
Water Dermabrasion/small bubbles machine is based on vacuum negative pressure/suction technology. With the specially designed small spiral suction probe,the small bubbles and nutrient will be mixed fully and work on skin directly to get the skin clean and skin care results.

How does it work?

Small bubbles probe comes with strong adsorption function, it will clean the face deeply,remove aged keratinocytes in a safe and painless way. Moreover, it will provide the skin nutrition persistently,to keep the skin moist, delicate and shiny.


2021 New Portable 8 In 1 Hydra Oxygen dermabrasion machine

Technology:Water dermabrasion+ultrasonic+rf + vacuum cleaning+ nano spray+ ion+ plasma Function:Skin Care(cleaning+moisture+whitening+tightening etc.)  

LB467 Oxy hydrogen Bubble Skin Care Cleaning Machine

Functions:  Anti-oxidation Skin deep cleaning Skin whitening and brightening Skin moisturizing Skin rejuvenation Acne and mite elimination Pore shrinking Blackhead removal

LB400 Multi-functional Small Bubble Oxygen Facial Beauty Machine with Mask

Functions:  Skin deep cleaning & moisturizing Skin tightening & lifting Skin whitening & brightening Wrinkle & blackhead removal Improve skin elasticity & luster

LB395 7 in 1 hydro microdermabrasion machine facial beauty equipment

Technology:water dermabrasion+rf+ultrasound+spray+scrubber+freeze+carema Application: skin care(cleaning+moisture+whitening+tightening etc.)  

LB439 2021 New Multifunctional Hydrogen-oxygen Small Bubble Dermabrasion Machine  

Technology:Bubble cleaning + RF + EMS + Micro current + Oxygen Function:Face care(cleaning+acne removal+absorbation help)

LB245 6 in 1 RF oxygen bubble face scrubber and dermabrasion machine

Technology:Water dermabrasion+Cold+Scrubber+RF+Ultrosonic Function:Skin Care(cleaning+moisture+whitening+tightening etc.)

Portable 12 in 1 small bubble dermabrasion machine

Technology:water dermabrasion+micro-current+spray+rf+freeze+ultrasonic +hifu+vanadium titanium gun+LED therapy Function:skin Care(cleaning+moisture+whitening+tightening etc.)

LB198 Portable Mini Facial Hydra Dermabrasion Machine 

Technology:Water dermabrasion+face roller Function:Skin Care(cleaning+moisture+whitening+tightening etc.)  

LB202B Portable 3 In 1 New Oxygen Bubble Machine

Technology:CO2 Oxygen+RF+Ultrasonic Function:Skin Care(cleaning+moisture+whitening+tightening etc.)

LB258 Oxygen skin deep cleaning small bubble dermabrasion machine

Technology:Water dermabrasion+face roller+ultrasonic scrubber+bipolar RF+freezing+oxygen gun Function:Skin Care(cleaning+moisture+whitening+tightening etc.)

LB263 Oxygen skin deep cleaning small bubble dermabrasion machine

Technology:Water dermabrasion+Oxygen jun+ultrasonic+ RF+Cold hammer Function:Skin Care(cleaning+moisture+whitening+tightening etc.)  

LB264 3 in 1 Oxygen skin deep cleaning small bubble dermabrasion machine

Technology:Water dermabrasion+Sprayer+BIO with blue light Function:Skin Care(cleaning+moisture+whitening+tightening etc.)