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Air Cooling Hiemt Beautiful Muscle Machine


  • Muscle increases by over 15%, fat decreases by nearly 20%

  • For individual needs and tolerance

  • Modes optional —— soft, normal and intense

  • Air cooling —— ensuring stable and comfortable operation

  • Desktop —— convenient to carry, use and store

How it works

The hiemt beautiful muscle machine has two handles and supports independent handle control. It means that you can use both handles at the same time or use them separately. High-energy electromagnetic waves continuously and fully expand and contract your customers’ muscles. Putting their muscles on high-intensity training dramatically remodels the internal structure of the muscles. Exercising produces new protein chains and muscle fibers, increasing muscle density and volume, while high fatty acid concentrations drive cells toward death, resulting in the desired effects of muscle remodeling and fat loss. The intensity is adjustable for your needs and tolerance.

ems slimming machine GN069 7


  • Build muscles & reduce fat

  • Strengthen abs & lift buttock

  • Slim arms & legs

  • Massage & relax body

  • Improve blood circulation

body sculpting machine before and after 2
body sculpting machine before and after 1

Main Features

ems slimming machine GN069 6

3 modes optional

There are 3 modes you can choose soft, normal and intense. So, you are able to adjust the intensity according to your customers’ needs.

ems slimming machine GN069 12

Muscle building and fat reducing

It can build your muscle and reduce your fat with this Emslim machine, especially the localized fat on arms, legs, abdomen, buttocks, etc.

Machine Structure

ems slimming machine GN069 8

Machine Parameter

Model Number GN069
Handle Quantity 2 pcs
Power 2800W
Working Mode 3 modes
Cooling System Air cooling
Package Size 52x55x76cm
Gross Weight 49kg

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