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Intelligent AI Face Skin Analyzer


  • Medical grade skin diagnostic analysis

  • Puremi Real 8 million camera

  • 3D fluoroscopy technology

  • Five kinds of spectrum

  • RGB+UV+PL lights

How it works

3D perspective technology can be used to magnify the skin from the surface to the deep layer, so that more skin details can be seen, especially the superficial collagen and moles. The RGB image captured by the camera is combined with the deep image under ultraviolet light to generate a subcutaneous image and can predict skin changes based on AI algorithms. With the help of artificial intelligence technology, we can see the surface skin problems in the deep skin by comparing with the sunlight pictures. During the detection process, for ordinary customers, we can choose to take frontal photos, which can quickly detect the front face. For key customers or customers with many questions, we can also choose to take full-face photos, which can not only conduct frontal analysis, but also side analysis, so that the data is more comprehensive.

JC053 Skin Analyzer 3


  • Detecting skin problems

  • Automatic photo taking

  • Skin condition analysis

  • Skin condition prediction

  • Offering skin care plan

RF machine before and after 2
led before and after 4

Main Features

JC053 Skin Analyzer 4

Puremi Real 8 million camera

Five times clearer. Industrial real 8 million camera (1/1.8 inch). The interpolation of up to 48 million pixels.

JC053 Skin Analyzer 3

Medical grade skin diagnostic analysis

Analyzes 12 skin indicators and generates detailed report in real time. Intelligent professional skin management program is recommended.

Machine Structure

JC053 Skin Analyzer 5

Machine Parameter

Product name Intelligent AI Face Skin Analyzer
Model number JC053
CPU 6 cores 64 bit
Language 14 Language
System Android 8.1
RAM 4+32G
Light Standard+UV+Cross polarized+Parallel polarized+wood
loudspeaker 3W X2
Power 100V~ 250V 50/60Hz
Camera 8M
Wireless WIFI/Bluetooth
Screen 13.3 FHD touch screen
TF card Expandable 128G
Product size 382* 500* 500mm
Package size 460* 580* 580mm
NW 7. 66KG

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