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Lipo Sonic HIFU Ultrasound Slimming Machine


  • 1 shot=576 dots

  • 2 lipo sonic cartridges

  • Permanent slimming effects

How it works

The hifu ultrasound machine adopts lipo sonic technology. The probe can automatically scan the skin, identify lipocyte, and precisely deliver energy into the subcutaneous fat accumulation through non-invasive lipo sonic technology to interfere the formation of subcutaneous fat.It can at the same time dissolve fat cells,thus,achieving slimming effects.

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  • Dissolve fat

  • Full body slimming

  • Shape and lift hip

  • Firm skin

40k cavitation slimming machine JF738 1

Main Features

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Two different cartridges

It provides 1.3cm and 0.8cm cartridges to use on different body parts without damaging surrounding skin or tissue.

mini hifu machine LB372 3

Permanent slimming effects

It can achieve permanent body slimming effects without rebound by using Lipo sonic technology.

Machine Structure

mini hifu machine LB372 5

Machine Parameter

Model number LB372
Type Plug-in
Voltage AC110-240V 50-60Hz
Power 65W
Technology Lipo Sonic
Cartridge 2pcs(1.3cm, 0.8cm)
Touch screen 8-inch
Shots per cartridge 500 shots
Package dimension 48*49*23cm
Package weight 13kg

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