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With modern production lines and experienced workers, Konmison produces high-quality beauty equipment with speed and precision. We can complete bulk orders fast without compromising quality.

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Featured Skin Scrubber to Cover Your Business Range

★★Face Cleaning Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber★★


  • Ultrasonic+ Ion+ Blue light

  • IPX5 waterproof

  • 2 colors of appearance available

  • 5 operating modes

★★Wireless Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber★★


    • USB charging

    • Lifting+ Moisturizing+ Cleansing

    • Easy to carry and use

Deep cleansing

Pore shrinking

Nutrients absorption

Skin rejuvenation

Face lifting

★★4 in 1 High Frequency Facial Beauty Device★★


  • 4 different shapes of tubes

  • Orange neon gas

  • Small and portable

  • Reduce hair loss

★★HF Electrotherapy Facial Skin Device★★


  • 4pcs of different shaped treatment tubes

  • 9 adjustable energy levels

  • Pain-free and non-invasive

  • LED display

★★Portable Picosecond Laser Pen★★


  • Red laser pen+ Blue laser pen

  • Adjustable energy

  • 9 frequency levels

  • Small and portable

★★Plasma Spot Mole Removal Pen★★


  • 3 adjustable energy levels

  • 3 available needles

  • No bleeding

  • Safe and no scar left

★★Microdermabrasion Device★★


  • 9 available diamond tips

  • 5 adjustable vacuum levels

  • LED display

  • USB charging

★★Electric Microneedle Dr.pen A1★★


  • 5 adjustable energy levels

  • Compact and convenient to carry

  • Highly improve nutrition absorption

★★Electric Microneedling Dr. pen M8S★★


  • LED screen digital display

  • Low battery warning

  • 3 locks design in the connection of cartridges

  • USB charging

★★Electric Microneedle Dr.pen A6★★


  • 2 optional charging types——Wireless/ Plug-in type

  • 12pins needle cartridges

  • 5 speed levels available

  • Short healing time

  • High speed up to 18,000rpm

★★Micro Electric 7-Color LED Skin Mask★★


    • 7-color LED lights

    • Micro electric

    • 194PCS lamp beads

    • Portable and convenient

★★Transparent LED Facial Beauty Mask★★


  • Light and thin

  • One-button operation

  • USB charging mode

  • Eye protection design

★★7-Color LED Facial Beauty Mask★★


  • 7-color LED mask

  • 3 optional colors of appearance

  • USB charging mode

  • 112 light beads

How it works

Ultrasonic: The ultrasonic skin scrubber typically has a flat, metal spatula-like surface that vibrates at a frequency of about 28,000 Hz. When this surface is moved over the skin, the high-frequency vibrations create ultrasonic waves that penetrate the skin’s surface and cause the water molecules in the skin to vibrate, creating the cavitation effect. It is effective for cleaning the skin and removing dirt, and oil on the skin.
Blue LED light: Blue LED light can help to kill acne-causing bacteria on the skin. It can also help to reduce inflammation and redness associated with acne.
Ion technology: Ion technology involves the use of positive and negative ions to attract and repel impurities and other particles from the skin. This technology can help to clean and refresh the skin.

Before and After


Before and After


Our Diversified Solutions for Different Business Needs

Ultrasonic+ Ion+ Blue light

3 technologies combined for better and deeper skin cleaning

Several operation mode

Standby mode, ultrasonic cleaning mode, lift up mode, deep cleaning mode, and sonophoresis mode.

Easy to operate

Just one button control. Simply turn it on and select the desired mode.

Machine Structure

Our Diversified Solutions for Different Business Needs

SC651 scrubber 1 1

For Brand Owner/Wholesaler/Trader

Back Up Your Wholesale Business with Stable Supply

Konmison has established its own factory and a network of strong relationships with upstream suppliers in order to guarantee a steady supply of high-quality beauty equipment. This allows us to effectively address the needs of various brands and wholesalers and their rising demand for reliable beauty equipment. Also, we’ve developed various pre-designed machines for stable OEM and profitable wholesale projects.

For Skin Product Company

Match Your Skin Care Products with a Total Skin Care Solution

With more than a decade of experience in the industry, Konmison can match beauty products with custom beauty equipment. We customize the equipment to suit your product lines effectively, creating a total skincare solution.

For Beauty Salons/Clinics/Spa

Providing You High-Performance Machines + Professional Operation Guide

Our high-performance machines with no downtime will help you get a quick return on your investment. More than just accommodating large-volume orders of custom beauty machines for beauty salons and clinics, we also have a large service team that provides reliable after-sales service.

Extensive Industry Expertise

We have focused on the development and production of beauty devices for 9+ years. Leverage our rich credentials and broaden your beauty market.

Customized Solution

Our elite team will customize a solution for you based on your desired treatment effects, sales platform, target customer groups, and budget.

High Quality Assurance

Our ISO-certified factory carefully inspects every detail, from raw materials to production to final quality control. We ensure the high performance of each beauty machine.

Strong After-Sales Guarantee

Whether it's a technical problem or a promotional issue, our dedicated after-sales team will respond to you within 12 hours.

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    You Can Always Trust Konmison Quality

    Konmison is a brand you can trust for high-quality beauty equipment in China. Our products follow strict ISO9001 quality and are certified by CE, FDA, MSDS, RoHS, and FCC systems. All machines come with a 1-year warranty and all parts are covered by a 3-month warranty.

    Appearance Patent Certification 4
    Appearance Patent Certification 3
    Appearance Patent Certification 2
    Appearance Patent Certification 1

    Never Compromise on Beauty Machines' Quality

    incoming inspection

    Everything Starts with Parts

    Parts are made from materials exclusively sourced from reliable suppliers. We conduct a thorough screening process of all suppliers to ensure quality and performance. 
    Staff installing components

    Meticulous Component Installation

    Our skilled workers handle the installation of the circuit boards, then the board is tested for aging and power, using a computer burn-in program to ensure the quality and performance of every unit.
    Workshop scene

    Full -range Machine Aging Test

    Aging tests are performed on every function of the machine to assess the reliability of each component. When a prototype is developed, it undergoes a minimum of 48 hours of aging testing before moving on to the next step.
    The equipment is in trial operation, and the staff takes the acceptance form to record

    Thorough Final Inspection

    Each machine and relevant accessories are tested by factory personnel before final packaging to ensure every component is working, and the final test result ensures quality before the machine is shipped.

    Ideas about OEM/ODM? We make it all happen!

    SC659B scrubber 2

    Exterior Design​

    Konmison’s exterior design team has been awarded several patents for appearance and design. Want a different look that highlights your brand? Leave it to our exterior design team.

    SC659B structure 1

    Mechanical Design

    Have a unique idea for the machine internal structure? Just send us your structure drawing, our R&D team will optimize and realize the inner structure of your beauty machine.

    LB587 hydradermabrasion11

    Treatment Function

    Whether it’s combining multiple treatments in one machine or achieving a special treatment, our professional manufacturing team is up to the challenge, solving your problems.

    Operation System

    Customize the power-on logo, system operation interface and system language for a better user experience.

    Custom boot logo
    System operation interface
    system language
    Outer packaging


    Generally, we offer unisex packaging for your resale. We can also customize your packaging with brand identity.

    SC056 high frequency7

    Instruction Manual

    Our operation manuals are not set in stone. In addition to offering different language options, we can also customize and improve our manuals according to specific operational issues that are fed back to us from different regions.

    Discover How Konmison Grew

    Know about our history, how we started, and the progress we made over the years. From the beginning, we take our time to grow, making sure we do not lose our vision to be the best in the industry.

    2013 The company was first established

    Konmison started in March 2013, focusing on business-to-business orientation and aiming to be a reputable beauty equipment company in China.

    2014 The company was first established

    In July 2014, as our company expanded, we opened an office in the Central Business District in Guangzhou.

    2015 exhibition

    With steady growth, in June 2015, we started to cater to the business-to-client market as our drive for excellence continued.

    2015 Launched B2C business

    In September 2015, Konmison’s reputation came to prominence, created hot-selling beauty machines, and grew as a brand agent.

    2016 company staff team building

    In April 2016, our company kept growing to a team with 100+ members, and established our own factory.

    2017 New Office Environment

    As a show of care for our people, in March 2017, the office park was set up for a healthy work environment.

    2019 New office

    The continuous growth took us to a new level as we set an office for IPO in September 2019.

    Company team picture

    As one of the best beauty equipment companies, we still strive for excellence in R&D, production, and marketing.



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    Konmison has won good reputation as a beauty equipment company with many years of production expertise. Our machines are known for their high performance and unrivaled customer service across the globe.



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