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20 Questions About Ultrasonic Cavitation

20 Questions About Ultrasonic Cavitation 1

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1.What is a cavitation machine?

A ultrasonic slimming machine is able to break down fat cells under the skin. Using ultrasound technology, cellulite and localized fat can be reduced without surgery. It works by applying pressure to fat cells through ultrasonic vibrations. The constant high pressure breaks down fat cells into liquid and excretes them as waste through urine.

This treatment can be combined with other weight loss programs such as balanced meals to help eliminate excess fat. This method is good for removing body fat, compared to other invasive procedures. It’s important to note that if you eat a high-calorie diet, it may cause your weight to rebound.

Currently, the frequencies of cavitation are 25k, 30k, 40k, 60k, and 80k. Among them, 40k and 80k are the more common device on the market. Both 80K and 40K cavitation machines have their advantages, as shown in figure 1.

the difference between 40k and 80k cavitation

If you are interested in the difference between 40k and 80k cavitation machine, you could click here to see another blog.

2.Do cavitation machines actually work?

Yes! Medical grade cavitation machines are very popular in the market. Ultrasonic cavitation uses radio frequency and ultrasound to form bubbles around the deposited fat of the skin. Then as the bubbles burst, the cellulite is broken down into the interstitium and lymphatic system, where it is expelled. Fatty deposits are converted to glycerol and free fatty acids, which are subsequently excreted as waste.

3.How to test cavitation machine?

After receiving the machine, you should first test whether the machine is damaged. By plugging in the power cord and turning on the switch according to the instructions, you can start the machine. To know if the cavitation handle is working properly, drop water on the cavitation probe.You will see the water is atomized if the machine works.

test cavitation

4.Why does cavitation make noise?

After testing, you may feel that the cavitation probe makes a sound when it works. In fact, this is the sound of ultrasound. Ultrasound passes through the epidermis at a frequency of 40kHz and acts on the fat cells in the dermis, and the high-frequency vibration causes the fat cells to rupture. Sometimes patients feel that tinnitus is due to the micro vibration of fat cells. So it is normal for us to hear noise during ultrasonic cavitation therapy. If you feel it is uncomfortable, we recommend you choose the 80K cavitation machine, because the sound of the 40K cavitation probe is louder than that of 80K.

5.How to reduce noise?

  • Please remember to take off metal parts such as jewelry
  • Konmison’s ultrasonic cavitation machine (JF738) can choose the working time and working modes. You can choose interval or continuous working mode to find the most comfortable treatment mode
  • Reduce energy and find the most suitable mode for customers

6.Which parts of my body can do the ultrasonic cavitation?

The answer is different from people’s. We know that this kind of body slimming machine is used to remove local fat, so you can use it on the part which contains fat that you want to remove. Such as

  • Abdomen
  • Flanks
  • Thighs
  • Arms
40k cavitation slimming machine JF738 12

7.What Gel to Use with Cavitation Machine?

When using the cavitation machine, the professional approach is to use it with gel. Use the cavitation probe after spreading the gel evenly over the treatment area. You will need to pick a gel that is suitable for your client or an essential oil to substitute for a gel. Below is a list of some products that can and cannot be used together.

Can be used:

  • Cavitation gel
  • Serums
  • Saline
  • Coconut oil
  • Aloe Vera Gel

Cannot be used:

  • Baby oil
  • Petroleum jelly

8.Impacts of Ultrasonic Cavitation

Ultrasonic cavitation helps people remove some fat deposits that are difficult to remove with exercise. Although this procedure itself is not suitable for losing weight. Ultrasonic cavitation helps cellulite reduction. This improves body shape and reduces gUltrasonic cavitation helps people remove some fat deposits that are difficult to remove with exercise. Although this procedure itself is not suitable for losing weight. Ultrasonic cavitation helps cellulite reduction. This improves body shape and reduces girth.

9.How many treatments do I need?

This is determined by how much fat you have and how much you want to lose weight. It is recommended to experience six courses, with an interval of one week. Your treatment interval will vary based on your comfort level.

10.How long within a treatment?

This will vary from person to person. In general, most patients require 10-25 minutes of treatment. If you need to treat multiple areas of your body, the treatment time will be longer.

cavitation treatment time

11.How long until I see results?

This result will vary based on the speed of each person’s metabolism. After the first treatment, most people usually can feel a significant loss of fat. During the following treatment, the fat will gradually decrease. You will not see the final results until the full course of treatment is complete.

12.Do I feel pain during the program?

You may feel a slight warmth or tingle with the cavitation probe. It is painless, which is acceptable.

13.Do I need to take rest after the treatment?

No! You can go right back into your daily routine immediately.

14.How do you get the best cavitation results?

healthy food

Monitor diet

24 hours before the treatment and three days after treatment you should maintain a low-fat, low-sugar, low-calorie, low-carbohydrate diet will help achieve the best results.

Take exercise

The cavitation machine is a non-invasive and safe slimming method. No recovery time is required after the treatment. It is recommended to do at least 20 min exercises post-treatment. This is to accelerate the consumption of stored energy. It will help you to gain a better slimming effect.

Drink water

After the effective ultrasonic cavitation machine destroys the fat cells, your body needs to expel the fat cells through the lymphatic system. Drinking plenty of water helps increase the rate at which the lymphatic system drains fat cells. It is convenient for you to see the therapeutic effect you want to achieve.

15.Are cavitation results permanent?

Yes, the ultrasonic slimming machine breaks down the fat cells and the cells will drain away as waste from the body. But if you do not pay attention to live in a healthy lifestyle, you will gain weight again.

16.Review of cavitation machines pros and cons


  • Non-invasive
  • Painless
  • Easy operation
  • Multiple areas can be treated
  • Short session each time
  • Fast result

There are a few side effects included:

  • Redness
  • Bruising
  • Pain

However, these symptoms will be lessened as time goes by.

17.Something needs to be considered before getting a cavitation machine

  • Price: to know the price range on the market and compare to your budget
  • Functions:there are kinds of multifunctional cavitation machine on the market that comes with different handles, such as radio frequency, vacuum RF, laser pads, etc. So you need to think about what you really need and make sure your budget can follow.
  • Machine size and weight: you need to choose a desktop or vertical type according to your needs. If you want to use the machine in a professional spa or clinic, then you should buy a vertical cavitation machine.
  • Safety: should be pay attention to if the cavitation machine have safety measures.
  • After-sales service: whether the company will get you online support or other technical help is very important after buying the cavitation machine.

18.Is an ultrasonic cavitation machine for everyone?

An ultrasonic cavitation machine is not suitable for people:

  • With Heart disease
  • With Renal failure
  • With Liver failure
  • Under the age of 18
  • With burned skin, skin allergies, or skin infection
  • With any metal implants
  • Pregnant women

Note: Ultrasound can cause heating and cavitation effects, but so far there is no evidence that this is harmful to the fetus. We recommend pregnant women wait at least three months after giving birth, or at least six months after a C-section. If you want to try ultrasound cavitation, it is recommended to get GP approval postpartum.

19.Can I do cavitation while on my period?

It is not recommended to use cavitation during menstruation, as ultrasound can increase blood circulation and it can lead to more menstrual bleeding. To avoid causing uncomfortable to your body, do not have cavitation treatment during menstruation.

80k cavitation slimming machine

20.Does the cavitation machine tighten skin?

A professional ultrasonic cavitation machine is to remove fat. But there are multifunctional cavitation machines which not only has cavitation probe but also RF probes that can help you to tighten the skin and enhance skin elasticity. For example, Konmison 80k ultrasonic cavitation machine (JF738) includes two facial and one body RF handle. What is more, you can customize the function such as laser pads and EMS, and customize the color, interface style, Logo, etc.

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us. If you want to purchase one, please click on cavitation machine for sale.

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