Laser Hair Removal Machine

Laser hair removal machine

China Laser Hair Removal Machine for Fast & Comfortable Permanent Hair Removal

With 755nm, 808nm and 1064nm triple wavelengths, Konmison’s laser hair removal machine is designed for high efficiency and precision, adapting to various skin and hair types. Our painless, scar-free hair removal machine integrates large spot size, short pulse, and low-temperature cooling technologies, enabling fast and extensive treatment coverage, aiding in achieving permanent hair removal. Additionally, its utility extends to tattoo removal and skin rejuvenation, providing a comprehensive, space-efficient service solution.

Highlight Features of Konmison's Laser Hair Removal Machine

Fast and Effective

Spots sizes up to 20x20mm, enabling faster hair removal with high repetition and short laser pulses.

Permanent Hair Removal

Higher energy density and shorter pulse duration provide permanent hair removal treatment results.

Triple Wavelength Treatments

Three wavelengths: 755nm, 808nm, and 1064nm meet all skin types.

Safe Medical-Grade Treatments

CE, FDA, MSDS, and RoHS certifications guarantee treatments adhere to the highest industry standards.

Painless and Comfortable

Sapphire cooling system and four-stage cooling mechanism achieve instant cooling effect

Simple and Convenient Operation

10-inch+ screen, supports 9 language options, intuitive operation interface.

China Laser Hair Removal Machine Solutions for Rapid and Risk-Free Results

Employing advanced laser technology, the laser hair removal machine precisely targets hair follicles. By combining three wavelengths with diode laser technology, it swiftly stops hair from growing back without damaging surrounding skin, ensuring a fast, painless, safe and patient-satisfactory permanent hair removal results.
laser hair removal machine working principle

China Diode Laser Hair Removal: One Session, 25% Less Hair Frustration

808nm diode laser hair removal machine utilizes cutting-edge technology, striving to offer unmatched performance. It provides a more powerful, quicker, and smarter solution for hair removal, completely revolutionizing the customer’s experience in hair removal.

Full-Body Hair Removal Solution

Two handles offer 13*20mm and 13*40mm large spot choices, covering arms, legs, chest, abdomen, hairline, underarms, and private areas.

Diverse Treatment Options

Provides three laser wavelengths (755nm, 808nm, 1064nm), suitable for different skin tones and hair types.

High-Power Laser Module

Equipped with a 1600W laser module, efficient and deep treatment, shortening the duration of each hair removal session.

Outstanding Cooling System

Integrates water cooling, fans, TEC, and sapphire technology, utilizing a powerful TEC cooling device, capable of 24-hour continuous operation.

Efficient Interaction Interface

15.6-inch color touch screen, 9 optional languages, offering an exceptional operational experience and user interface.

Silent Operation

Uses a high-pressure water pump, ensuring minimal noise during hair removal, providing a comfortable customer experience.

Various High Efficiency Laser Hair Removal Machines to Satisfy Your Needs

Konmison’s laser hair removal machine series is engineered for precise and efficient hair removal, with a remarkable lifespan of up to 10 million shots to decrease replacement frequency. Its adjustable settings are designed to meet the needs of various user groups.

Trusted by 1000+ Customers: Reliable Results of Konmison Laser Hair Removal

Konmison’s laser hair removal machine, meticulously designed, ensures that customers enjoy the cutting-edge in hair removal treatment. Top care experts report a boost in customer satisfaction, along with noticeable reductions in hair and improvements in skin quality. With Konmison, they can provide their clients with a high-end, comfortable, and efficient hair removal experience, thus improving service quality.
laser hair removal results

"The Konmison machine has been a welcome addition to our beauty parlor. It's perfect for providing quick and effective hair removal services. Our clients have been pleased with its performance, especially in small and sensitive areas. It's a great fit for our service suite."

David Lee

August 2023

laser hair removal results

"As a salon owner, I'm delighted with the Konmison Laser Hair Removal Machine, particularly for thigh treatments. Our clients have reported excellent results, appreciating the machine's gentle yet effective approach on larger areas like thighs. It's boosted our salon's reputation for providing top-notch hair removal services."

Julia Gonzalez

July 2022

laser hair removal results

"Purchasing the Konmison Laser Hair Removal Machine for my salon was a great decision. Its professional-grade performance has not only boosted our service quality but also attracted a clientele seeking top-notch hair removal solutions. It's been an excellent investment for our business."

Daniel Harris

May 2023

laser hair removal results

"I purchased the Konmison machine primarily for chest hair removal, and I couldn't be happier with the results. It's effective, provides even coverage, and is easy to use without discomfort. My hair growth has significantly decreased, offering results similar to professional treatments."

Robert Brown

June 2022

Fully Certified China Laser Hair Removal Machine Supplier Offers Support

Konmison, a fully certified china laser hair removal machine supplier, backs your global market expansion. Venture into sales worry-free, as we manage all stringent quality and safety standards. Our products are in line with CE, FDA, MSDS, RoHS, and FCC certifications, all under the strict ISO13485 quality system.

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Why Choose Konmison to Wholesale Laser Hair Removal Machine?

Since 2013, Konmison specializes in high-quality laser hair removal machines, offering complete solutions like after-sales service and technical support. Their strong R&D and dedicated design team ensure product innovation. To enhance customer experience, Konmison offers expert technical advice and instructional video, with their team personally testing the machines to offer effective and professional guidance and support.

Hypoallergenic and Durable Material Selection

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100% Tested Machines with a Mere 0.1% Defection Rate

48-Hour Rigorous Aging Test for Unmatched Reliability

The aging test rigorously simulates a product’s lifecycle to assess resilience and safety. By emulating prolonged use, it detects wear patterns and design vulnerabilities, ensuring machine dependability and regulatory compliance.
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End-to-End ODM/OEM Laser Hair Removal Machine Customization

Konmison understands the needs of the beauty device market, producing laser hair removal machines that combine the latest technology with custom designs. These devices feature adjustable wavelengths and easy-operation design, emphasizing safety and efficiency. The customization process includes understanding client needs in-depth, ensuring that the products meet or exceed expectations in performance, design, and ease of use.
Machine Housing Design
Brand Logo on the Housing
Power-on Logo
System Language
Operator Interface
Instruction Manual

Innovating Beauty Solutions With Tailored OEM Laser Hair Removal

Konmison is at the forefront of innovating beauty solutions, focusing on custom laser hair removal technology. Our professional manufacturing team excels in handling multifunctional device integration and special processing needs, offering comprehensive customization from design to development to meet the unique requirements of their clients.

Various Technical Experience: laser, IPL, HIFU and cryolipolysis

Customization Ability: Integrating complex internal designs/multifunctional treatment needs into one aesthetic equipment

Minimizing Costs in Every Stage of Professional Laser Hair Removal Machines

Konmison, a leading professional laser hair removal machine supplier, excels in providing cost-effective solutions. With a heritage spanning over 10 years, our goal is to minimize expenditures in every stage of our professional laser hair removal machines. We integrate advanced local supply chain management to guarantee not only high efficiency in production but also ample stock availability. Konmison pledges to offer premium quality products at the most competitive costs, optimizing every phase from manufacturing to market delivery.

Low MOQ: Kickstart Your Trial With Ease

Specializing in rapid and tailored customization, our laser hair removal machine factory accommodates your individual requirements with a remarkably low minimum order threshold of only 5 units.

Quick Turnaround for Rush Orders

Best-selling laser hair removal machines are currently well-stocked, with an inventory volume that surpasses the average monthly sales of the past 30 days by 7 to 10 times. These units are on standby for rapid delivery, ensuring they can meet your urgent needs without delay.

Hassle-Free Shipment Services

Konmison excels in integrating laser hair removal machine production with a reliable supply chain, ensuring quick deliveries. We have a range of shipping options, such as cost and time-efficient consolidated container shipping. Plus, our Los Angeles warehouse aids in expediting orders for international clients.

FAQ About Laser Hair Removal Device

1.How permanent is laser hair removal?

Typically, after the initial treatment sessions, the results of laser hair removal can last for several months to a few years. However, hair regrowth can occur due to various factors, including hormonal changes, genetics, and aging, which can lead to new hair growth.  You might need maintenance laser treatments for long-term hair reduction.

2.Are there long term risks with laser hair removal?

The procedure does not appear to have any long-term health risks. However, some people may experience mild side effects after laser hair removal. Before treating large areas of skin, people should have their dermatologist test how a small area of skin responds to treatment.

3.How successful is laser hair removal?

The success of laser hair removal depends on several factors, including the individual’s skin and hair type, the area being treated, and the number of treatments received.


After the first treatment, your hair can be reduced by 10% to 25%. To remove hair, most patients require 2 to 6 laser treatments. After completing treatment, most patients do not see hair on the treated skin for months or even years. When the hair grows back, the hair becomes thinner.

4.Which is better shaving or laser hair removal?

You can choose according to your needs. Shaving has always been a winner for simplicity and convenience. But when it comes to long-lasting, long-lasting results, laser hair removal is often the first choice.

5.How do I prepare for laser hair removal?

Any treatment areas will need to be shaved in advance. To avoid irritation, legs should be shaved approximately 24 hours before your appointment. Do not use waxes, tweezers, epilation, or chemical hair removers two weeks before your treatment, or between laser treatments.

6.How much does Laser hair removal cost?

We offer wholesale service for laser hair removal devices, if you contact us, and we will give you the most competitive price. And for more cost of this kind of machine, you can also read the post How Much Does Laser Hair Removal Machine Cost?

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