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One-Stop Customization to Save Your Time


As our mission is to prioritize lifetime beauty and health for every person, we develop various series of beauty machines to choose from. We can also recommend and customize the machinery for you, ensuring the appearance, logo, packaging, system language, and operation interface fit your requirements. Through our advanced factory, we can realize your specific requirements and your product vision at a low MOQ and with flexible arrangements.

Two staff members discussing the client's sketch


What sets us apart from other manufacturers is our ability to design and develop everything from scratch to bring you the perfect beauty machine for your needs. With experience in many fields, such as laser, IPL, HIFU, and cryolipolysis, our engineers can readily implement your great ideas.

Differentiation? We make it all happen

Exterior Design

Konmison’s exterior design team has been awarded several patents for appearance and design. Want a different look that highlights your brand? Leave it to our exterior design team.

Mechanical Design 01

Mechanical Design

Have a unique idea for the machine internal structure? Just send us your structure drawing, our R&D team will optimize and realize the inner structure of your beauty machine.

Operation System

Customize the power-on logo, system operation interface and system language for a better user experience.

Custom boot logo
System operation interface
system language
hair removal treatments

Treatment Function

Whether it’s combining multiple treatments in one machine or achieving a special treatment, our professional manufacturing team is up to the challenge, solving your problems.

Outer packaging


Generally, we offer unisex packaging for your resale. We can also customize your packaging with brand identity.

Operation Manual

Instruction Manual

Our operation manuals are not set in stone. In addition to offering different language options, we can also customize and improve our manuals according to specific operational issues that are fed back to us from different regions.

Full Support to Your Customization

Staff listening, collecting customer ideas


Close Communication

Fully supportive of your vision, our team starts with the key step of carefully listening to your request. Gaining insight into what you really want helps us perform the project precisely according to your requirements, leaving no room for error.


Design & Development

Once our experienced engineers completely understand your needs, they will create a suitable design and start with the product model development, ensuring your machine is feasible and functional. During the process, we make a sample machine for your confirmation. You can request a sample to check whether our product meets your standard.

The staff designs the appearance of the machine on the computer according to the customer's drawings
Workshop scene


Mass Production

Once we confirm every detail, we move on to the selection of raw materials, and then we start mass production, which is characterized by constant testing. We regularly perform inspections at every step of the production process to ensure consistent quality. All files and procedures are documented and backed up for your future orders or for your future reference.



With a keen eye for detail, we conduct numerous tests to ensure our machines are ready for delivery. In order to secure a quick, hassle-free entry of our machines into your target market, we prepare all the documents you need for customs clearance and sales, and then we arrange delivery.

On the packaging line, workers perform a final scrutiny

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