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About Konmison

Who We Are

Konmison is a professional manufacturer of high-quality beauty equipment. Founded in 2013, our company produces machines that deliver safe and effective beauty treatments. Our equipment is designed for treatments including breast enlargement, slimming, skincare, hair removal, and tattoo removal.

As one of the leading beauty equipment factories, we obtained CE, FDA, MSDS, RoHS, FCC, and other certifications as a testament to our robust quality control. Our commitment to being a one-stop solution for beauty equipment covers after-sales service, training, marketing, and technical support.

Company front desk

Our Mission

Our mission is to be the main contributor to a healthier and more beautiful life for people worldwide.

Our Commitment

Konmison is committed to being the best manufacturer of beauty equipment in China, one that embodies quality and performance.

R&D personnel discussing product under development in R&D laboratory

Powerful R&D Strength

The manufacture of beauty equipment varies in cost and quality. Strong and independent research and development is crucial to both elevating the quality of the product and lowering its cost. With this in mind, we established a core R&D team that’s continuously creating innovative designs and technology for our equipment.


Our strong R&D ensures the reliability and quality of our beauty machines. Also, under our continuous R&D, we have received many patents for appearance and design.

Our Patents

Appearance Patent Certification 4
Appearance Patent Certification 3
Appearance Patent Certification 2
Appearance Patent Certification 1

Discover How Konmison Grew

Know about our history, how we started, and the progress we made over the years. From the beginning, we take our time to grow, making sure we do not lose our vision to be the best in the industry.

2013 The company was first established

Konmison started in March 2013, focusing on business-to-business orientation and aiming to be a reputable beauty equipment company in China.

2014 The company was first established

In July 2014, as our company expanded, we opened an office in the Central Business District in Guangzhou.

2015 exhibition

With steady growth, in June 2015, we started to cater to the business-to-client market as our drive for excellence continued.

2015 Launched B2C business

In September 2015, Konmison’s reputation came to prominence, created hot-selling beauty machines, and grew as a brand agent.

2016 company staff team building

In April 2016, our company kept growing to a team with 100+ members, and established our own factory.

2017 New Office Environment

As a show of care for our people, in March 2017, the office park was set up for a healthy work environment.

2019 New office

The continuous growth took us to a new level as we set an office for IPO in September 2019.

Company team picture

As one of the best beauty equipment companies, we still strive for excellence in R&D, production, and marketing.

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We Make Positive Impacts

As a responsible beauty equipment manufacturer, we give back to the communities where we do business. We donate to schools and support volunteering for a cause. We adhere to ethical production, creating a safe and comfortable working environment for our workers and contributing toward environmental efforts.

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