Stable & Rapid Delivery

Back Your Business Up with Robust Supply Chain

As an experienced beauty machine manufacturer, Konmison strictly screens our upstream and downstream partners and has established positive and robust relationships with them. It is these firm relationships that enable us to steadily supply you with customized beauty machines, whether you are a wholesaler or a brand owner.

Raw material warehouse

On-time Delivery

Adequate raw materials + our own factory. Production time is completely under our control. Never miss your market timing.

Rush Order

Need hot-selling machines? We have them in stock. There is no MOQ limit on inventory and immediate delivery is available to solve your urgent needs.

Bulk Order

We can fulfill your large custom orders on time due to our strong production capabilities and robust supply chain.


Our own factory gives us the flexibility to make quick customizations for you with a low MOQ to 5.

Overseas warehouse

Overseas Warehouse

To better serve our customers everywhere, we are planning to build overseas warehouses. We currently have a warehouse in the United States and are able to meet most of our overseas customers’ needs more quickly.

Reliable Logistics

We have also built solid relationships with major freight forwarders. Our staff will still track your order even after it has been shipped. You can wait with confidence for your shipment to arrive safely at your destination.

solid logistics

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