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Responsive & Professional Consultation

We are available 24/7 to respond to your calls. Drawing on our experience with diverse beauty equipment projects, our free consultation will provide you with valuable advice and help that will set your brand or business on the path to growth and success. We provide professional recommendations on the right machines for your specific applications based on the desired treatment effects, sales platform, target customer groups, and budget

konmison's service team
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Intense Support for Your Custom Projects

Having worked with many brands before, our professional R&D and design teams know how to develop new beauty equipment from scratch or transform your existing brand designs into products. Together with our strong production capacity and robust supply chain, we offer a one-stop solution for your customization and production of high-end beauty devices.

Thorough After-Sales Service

Our services will not stop at delivery. After receiving your question, our dedicated technical team troubleshoots the problem. We promise to respond immediately and resolve your problem within 12 hours.

The after-sales team responds to customer questions at the workstation

Multiple Business-specific Support Services

For brands & wholesaler

We have developed a number of multi-effect beauty devices and offer profitable OEM programs to meet the needs of beauty brands and wholesalers. In addition, our robust relationships with upstream suppliers and our own factory enable us to provide you with a steady supply of high-quality beauty equipment.

For skin product inc

Konmison works closely with you to match our equipment with your skincare products, maximizing skincare results. With our extensive experience, we create a total skincare solution to boom your business.

For beauty salons

Our high-performance beauty machines, which require little maintenance, will help your beauty salon or beauty clinic get a quick return on investment. In addition, you can enjoy our reliable after-sales service, from operator training to technical support.

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