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JF697 Fat Freezing Slimming Sculpt Machine

A new customer in Singapore found us online. She wanted the Vacuum Fat Freezing Slimming Sculpt Machine (JF697). Also, she knew that the cryo fat freezing machine needs to be used with frozen film. So, she decided to buy the machine and frozen film at one time. We exactly provide customers with one-stop service.

After getting the ideas of the client, we came up with kinds of frozen films, and listed the corresponding prices and differences. Thus, giving her a favour to choose a perfect product. Another problem was that we considered the frozen film is a sensitive cargo, so we proposed to ship it separately, so as not to affect the import of the two kinds of goods at the same time.

After delivery, we updated the order information with the client. Finally, she successfully received the cryo fat freezing body slimming device and the frozen film. We also provided a series of after-sales services. After receiving the package, the customer did not know how to use the machine correctly. We kindly provided operation videos and detailed instructions, patiently answered customers’ questions and gave professional suggestions. As a result, the client was very satisfied with our services.

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JF697 Fat Freezing Slimming Sculpt Machine

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