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Best 10 Body Sculpting Equipment Manufacturers

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In the dynamic domain of aesthetics and personal well-being, the body sculpting equipment sector has undergone a significant transformation, establishing itself as a pivotal player in the sphere of non-invasive cosmetic interventions. As per data from 2021, the international market value for body slimming devices stood at an estimated $3.1 billion. Forecasts from Grand View Research suggest a strong compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7.6% extending until 2027. The primary catalyst for this expansion can be attributed to the escalating consumer preference for non-operative body contouring methodologies, inclusive of high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU), radio frequency (RF) therapies, cavitation treatments, and LED innovations. By targeting specific areas of the body, such as the abdomen, arms, thighs, and buttocks with these machines, you can help your clients achieve the desired body contouring they desire without surgery or invasive procedures.

A notable trend in the industry is the gravitation towards procedures offering multifaceted advantages, such as simultaneous skin firming and adipose tissue reduction within a single appointment. For example, EMSlim technology, amalgamating muscle stimulation with adipose reduction, has seen substantial adoption in regions encompassing North America, Europe, and Australia. Additionally, the pandemic-induced “Zoom Boom” phenomenon accentuated the emphasis on skincare and physical aesthetics, further amplifying the demand for body sculpting instruments.

For enterprises aiming to penetrate this prosperous segment, a thorough understanding of the industry’s key participants and their product range is essential. In the subsequent segment, we will provide an exhaustive overview of the foremost body sculpting equipment producers, enabling you to execute well-informed B2B strategies.

Best 10 body sculpting equipment manufacturers list:

Company NameLocationYear of Establishment
KonmisonGuangzhou, China2013
BTL IndustriesStevenage, Hertfordshire1993
CynosureWestford, Massachusetts, USA1991
Syneron CandelaMarlborough, Massachusetts, USA1970
LumenisYokne’am Ilit, Israel1966
AllerganIrvine, California2013
Zimmer AestheticsBavaria, Germany1969
InModeCalifornia, USA2008
Solta MedicalBothell, WA, USA1995
Venus ConceptToronto, Ontario2009


Company Location: Guangzhou, China

Year of Establishment: 2013

Company Type: Manufacturer and Supplier of Beauty Equipment

Products Offered:

  • Cavitation Machine
  • EMS Body Sculpting Machine
  • Fat Freezing Slimming Machine
  • Pressotherapy Slimming Machine
  • Vibration Massage Slimming Machine
  • EMS Slimming Machine
  • Lipo Laser Slimming Machine

About Konmison:

Established in 2013, Konmison has rapidly emerged as a prominent leader in the realm of beauty equipment production. Situated in the vibrant heart of Guangzhou, China, the enterprise exemplifies innovation, superior quality, and effectiveness, integrating these attributes throughout their expansive product range.

For Konmison, quality is not merely a trendy term; it’s a core principle ingrained in every facet of their operations. Their dedication to upholding global safety and functional standards is evidenced by their numerous certifications, including CE, FDA, MSDS, RoHS, and FCC. Each product is an embodiment of exactitude and groundbreaking innovation, a credit to their proficient R&D department that continually advances and introduces cutting-edge designs and technologies.

In terms of product customization, Konmison sets the benchmark. Their bespoke OEM & ODM solutions are intricately designed to resonate with distinct client needs. Features like exterior aesthetics, brand logo assimilation, system language adjustments, and user interface optimizations are executed with precision, reflecting the diverse aspirations of their client base.

Konmison’s approach to material sourcing champions judicious selection and superiority. They prioritize allergen-free and sturdy materials such as 303 food-grade stainless steel and transparent Covestro PC, emphasizing the longevity and safety of their devices. A rigorous 48-hour endurance test for each equipment further solidifies their dedication to product resilience.

Boasting an independent brand-adorned production facility and an annual output surpassing 30,000 units, Konmison is a trusted name in the cavitation machine sector. Their pursuit of perfection permeates every stage of the production journey, as highlighted by their impressive 0.1% defect rate.

In an era where many proclaim quality and innovation without tangible proof, Konmison unequivocally manifests both. Their trajectory, characterized by ceaseless innovation and an unwavering emphasis on quality, mirrors the global desire for aesthetic brilliance without any compromise.

BTL Industries

Body Sculpting Equipment Manufacturer
source: BTL Industries

Company Location: Stevenage, Hertfordshire

Year of Establishment: 1993

Company Type: Manufacturing

Products Offered:

  • BTL Exilis Ultra 360™
  • BTL Emsculpt®
  • BTL Emsella®
  • BTL Vanquish ME™

About BTL Industries:

Founded in 1993, BTL Industries has evolved into a premier global entity in the medical and aesthetic equipment sector. Headquartered in Stevenage, Hertfordshire, the enterprise has broadened its global reach to over 70 countries, solidifying its stature in the medical device sector.

BTL’s dedication to pioneering solutions is palpable in its comprehensive product range. Its medical aesthetic division, notably, is renowned for integrating cutting-edge technologies that address fat cell disruption, body contouring, skin firming, among others. This unwavering focus on non-invasive modalities has firmly established BTL at the forefront of one of medicine’s rapidly advancing niches.

However, BTL’s prowess isn’t merely product-centric. Their holistic approach stands out. With a vibrant R&D division constantly redefining innovation boundaries and a manufacturing protocol that adheres to the apex of quality benchmarks, BTL guarantees that each product epitomizes distinction. A staggering 500,000 medical systems installations and an expansive network of 70,000 BTL affiliates globally underscore their market preeminence.

BTL’s ethos revolves around direct client engagement. With an active presence spanning five continents, they guarantee medical establishments receive solutions finely tuned to their unique requirements. Additionally, BTL’s dedication to consistent education and unwavering support ensures clientele fully leverage their product capabilities, thereby amplifying patient results.

Facing technical complexities? BTL is adeptly equipped. Boasting a global technical assistance network, accompanied by skilled factory-certified engineers, they ensure impeccable product performance, mirroring their steadfast dedication to client gratification.


Body Sculpting Equipment Manufacturer
source: Cynosure

Company Location: Westford, Massachusetts, USA.

Year of Establishment: 1991

Company Type: Manufacturing

Products Offered:

Cynosure offers a diverse portfolio of products tailored to a wide range of aesthetic and medical needs. This includes advanced laser and RF technologies that cater to skin rejuvenation, hair removal, body contouring, scar reduction, and many other treatments.

About Cynosure:

Within the sophisticated domain of aesthetic and medical apparatus, Cynosure exemplifies a paragon of inventive prowess and superior quality. Originating from Westford, Massachusetts, this esteemed entity has progressively augmented its global presence, solidifying its reputation amongst clinics, hospitals, and aesthetic establishments.

Cynosure’s portfolio extends beyond mere products to encompass comprehensive solutions, addressing a wide spectrum of aesthetic and medical requisites such as skin revitalization and body sculpting for issues like pigmented sagging skin, wrinkles, and skin laxity. Be it avant-garde laser technologies or sophisticated RF systems featuring integrated temperature sensors, Cynosure is committed to equipping professionals with the pinnacle of industry tools. Their unwavering dedication to innovation continually propels them to the vanguard, heralding products that redefine industry standards.

However, it’s Cynosure’s integrative strategy that distinctly differentiates them. They proffer more than equipment—they curate a complete experience. Their robust technical, clinical, and after-sales services assure that every practitioner, be it a seasoned expert or an emerging entrepreneur, can amplify their professional offerings. This cohesive methodology guarantees that patients are accorded treatments that are efficacious and paramount in safety.

Moreover, Cynosure’s allegiance transcends mere product superiority. They perceive their clientele as collaborators, navigating them through the dynamic terrains of the aesthetic realm. Their dedication to technical and clinical support ensures every associate is proficiently prepared, trained, and primed to extend premier services to their patients.

Syneron Candela

Body Sculpting Equipment Manufacturer
source: Syneron Candela

Company Location: Marlborough, Massachusetts, USA.

Year of Establishment: 1970

Company Type: Manufacturing

Products Offered:

Syneron Candela’s product portfolio encompasses a wide range of aesthetic and medical devices. Their offerings are tailored to address various concerns, from skin rejuvenation and hair removal to body contouring and scar reduction.

About Syneron Candela:

Syneron Candela, with its esteemed headquarters in Marlborough, Massachusetts—a city rich in history—has exemplified pioneering spirit and distinction within the aesthetic device sector since its foundation in 1970. Boasting over half a century of domain expertise, the firm has robustly established itself as a paramount global entity, persistently expanding the horizons in aesthetic treatment innovations.

Central to Syneron Candela’s commendable trajectory is its steadfast dedication to research and development. The organization takes immense pride in proffering solutions characterized by efficacy, safety, and dependability. Be it cutting-edge laser advancements or revolutionary RF systems, Syneron Candela ensures both professionals and patients are equipped with industry-leading instruments.

Yet, their endeavors extend beyond mere product offerings. Syneron Candela champions the cultivation of profound client alliances. Recognizing the dynamic nature of the aesthetic domain, they discern the imperative of a dependable collaboration. As a testament to this, they provide exhaustive training and bolstering services, assuring every professional possesses the requisite acumen and proficiency for success.

Moreover, Syneron Candela’s allegiance to supreme quality permeates every operational dimension. From stringent quality assessments and control protocols to an undying ethos of perpetual enhancement, the firm’s pursuit of perfection is relentless.


Body Sculpting Equipment Manufacturer
source: Lumenis

Company Location: Yokneam, Israel

Year of Establishment: 1966

Company Type: Manufacturing

Products Offered:

Lumenis specializes in energy-based technologies for skin, body, and eye care treatments. Their innovative solutions cater to a broad spectrum of aesthetic and medical needs, revolutionizing existing treatment methods and introducing solutions for previously untreatable conditions.

About Lumenis:

Lumenis, with over five decades of domain expertise, the company has consistently set new technological standards, creating meaningful impacts on patient lives.

Internationally acknowledged as a leader in the medical device domain, Lumenis boasts a formidable presence across more than 100 countries. This global footprint is supported by a dedicated team of approximately 1,500 professionals spanning four continents.

The company’s commitment to pioneering advancements is evident in its comprehensive product portfolio. Catering to a wide array of treatments, from skin rejuvenation to body contouring, Lumenis ensures that healthcare practitioners have access to cutting-edge tools, placing them at the zenith of patient care.

Beyond manufacturing, Lumenis emphasizes building strong, enduring partnerships with its clientele. This philosophy is embodied in their comprehensive medical equipment repair and maintenance offerings. With the backing of a team of manufacturer-certified Service Engineers, Lumenis ensures that every device functions optimally, allowing healthcare providers to focus on patient well-being.

Furthermore, Lumenis’s dedication to innovation is underscored by its portfolio of over 220 registered patents and multiple FDA clearances. Their significant global presence, demonstrated by an active installed base of more than 80,000 systems, reaffirms their dominant market stance.


Body Sculpting Equipment Manufacturer
source: Allergan

Company Location: Irvine, California

Year of Establishment: 2013

Company Type: Developing and Manufacturing

Products Offered:

Allergan Aesthetics offers a diverse range of aesthetic solutions, including facial injectables, body contouring treatments like cryolipolysis, plastics, skincare, and more.

About Allergan:

Allergan Aesthetics, an esteemed subsidiary of AbbVie, has established a distinguished presence in the realm of aesthetic medicine. Upheld by an unwavering commitment to innovation and excellence, the company has unveiled transformative treatments, elevating the quality of life for a multitude of individuals.

A quintessential example of their innovative prowess is the introduction of cryolipolysis – a sophisticated, non-invasive fat removal technique and skin care treatment. This avant-garde procedure employs the precision of cold temperatures to meticulously disintegrate subcutaneous fat cells, ensuring the skin’s integrity remains uncompromised. The elimination of needles from the process accentuates the treatment’s appeal. As the body naturally expurgates the disrupted stubborn fat cells over time, recipients are unveiled with a refined, sculpted physique.

The burgeoning demand for these elite, non-invasive body contouring alternatives is palpable. As millions are projected to embrace such avant-garde treatments in the ensuing year, and with cryolipolysis accentuating digital beauty dialogues, Allergan Aesthetics is adeptly meeting a pronounced market exigency.

Yet, their allegiance extends beyond the ambit of product proliferation. Allergan Aesthetics is anchored in the belief of the metamorphic essence of self-assurance. They recognize the intrinsic correlation between aesthetic enhancements and the amplification of self-esteem and holistic wellness. This philosophical grounding is manifested through their patient-oriented methodologies, exhaustive educational endeavors, and steadfast patronage for their clientele.

Zimmer Aesthetics

Body Sculpting Equipment Manufacturer
source: Zimmer Aesthetics

Company Location: Bavaria, Germany

Year of Establishment: 1969

Company Type: Developing and Manufacturing

Products Offered:

Zimmer Aesthetics offers a diverse range of products, including skin cooling devices, shockwave therapy, fat freezing (cryolipolysisTM), hyaluronic fillers, and more. Their product lineup includes ZCryo, ZLipo, ZField Dual, ZTone, ZWave, ContiCure, ZFill, and GentlePro.

About Zimmer Aesthetics:

Originating from Neu-Ulm, Bavaria, Zimmer MedizinSysteme has meticulously established itself as a distinguished presence in the realms of physiotherapy, cardiology, and aesthetic systems. With an impressive legacy spanning over fifty years, the company has unswervingly demonstrated its steadfast dedication to pioneering innovation, uncompromising quality, and exemplary patient care.

Zimmer MedizinSysteme, fortified with half a century of invaluable experience, emerges as a paramount manufacturer in Europe within its specialized field. The organization proudly hosts a devoted ensemble of professionals, ranging between 51 to 200 employees, each contributing to its monumental success and continuous growth.

The Zimmer Aesthetics Division, an integral subsidiary of the company, is universally acclaimed for its trailblazing contributions to aesthetic products. Their groundbreaking skin cooling devices, as an exemplary testament, have undoubtedly epitomized excellence within the industry, cultivating steadfast trust and partnerships with premier aesthetic laser suppliers across the globe.

The defining essence of Zimmer Aesthetics’ distinction resides in their unwavering commitment to exhaustive research and revolutionary development. Their illustrious journey is embellished with groundbreaking achievements that have profoundly influenced the evolutionary trajectory of electro-medicine. Through relentless pursuits, Zimmer MedizinSysteme has pioneered remarkable innovations, ranging from the inception of the inaugural fully transistorized diathermy device to the unveiling of patented marvels such as disposable electrodes and adaptable microwave beams, solidifying its position at the zenith of medical ingenuity.


Body Sculpting Equipment Manufacturer
source: InMode

Company Location: California, USA

Year of Establishment: 2008

Company Type: Manufacturing

Products Offered:

InMode offers a diverse range of innovative medical technologies, primarily focusing on platforms that utilize novel radiofrequency (RF) based technology. Their product lineup caters to various surgical specialties, including plastic surgery, gynecology, dermatology, ENT, and ophthalmology.

About InMode:

InMode Ltd. is a distinguished leader in medical technology innovation. Centered on holistic well-being and outstanding outcomes, InMode has continuously set new standards in the medical aesthetic sector. With its global headquarters in Irvine, California, InMode Ltd. is a prominent player in the medical equipment manufacturing landscape, boasting a committed team of 51-200 professionals.

Their expertise is anchored in the utilization of radio-frequency (RF) technology. This pioneering methodology has ushered in advanced minimally-invasive treatments and augmented existing surgical protocols. Through the adoption of approved RF technologies, InMode provides an extensive array of platforms, positioning them to access a substantial market value in billions.

Beyond their product portfolio, InMode’s ethos underscores a pledge to develop transformative technologies that set the benchmark in enhancing aesthetic and holistic health. Their strategic vision is unequivocal: to emerge as the primary ally for global physicians, presenting avant-garde procedures that genuinely make a difference in individuals’ lives.

The core values of InMode underscore their unwavering commitment to innovation, customer engagement, clinical education, and superior standards. They are steadfast in upholding integrity across their operations, ensuring that they surpass the anticipations of their collaborators and clientele.

Solta Medical

Body Sculpting Equipment Manufacturer
source: Solta Medical

Company Location: Bothell, WA, USA

Year of Establishment: 1995

Company Type: Manufacturing

Products Offered:

Solta Medical’s portfolio encompasses a range of sophisticated technologies, including the Thermage®, Fraxel®, Clear + Brilliant®, and VASERlipo® systems. These products are tailored to address a myriad of skin and body treatment needs, from skin tightening and rejuvenation to resurfacing.

About Solta Medical:

Operating as a subsidiary of Bausch Health Companies Inc., Solta Medical has persistently pioneered cutting-edge, elegantly engineered technologies that provide both aesthetic and therapeutic advantages. The organization is recognized as an international leader in the medical aesthetics sector, with a committed workforce of approximately 201-500 professionals.

Their distinguished track record transcends mere industry transformation; it encapsulates their visionary approach to sculpting the ever-evolving aesthetic domain. With a record of over 5 million procedures conducted worldwide, their technological advancements underscore their unwavering dedication to superiority, safety, and proven effectiveness.

Key offerings from Solta Medical include the Thermage® system for advanced skin tightening, the Fraxel® system for precision skin resurfacing, the Clear + Brilliant® system for revitalizing skin rejuvenation, and the VASERlipo® system for meticulous body contouring. Each product epitomizes Solta Medical’s fervent commitment to innovation and their continuous endeavor to deliver unparalleled excellence to both end-users and medical professionals.

Venus Concept

Body Sculpting Equipment Manufacturer
source: Venus Concept

Company Location: Toronto, Ontario

Year of Establishment: 2009

Company Type: Manufacturing

Products Offered:

Medical and aesthetic technology devices including Venus Bliss MAX™, ARTAS iXi®, NeoGraft®, Venus Legacy™, Venus Velocity™, Venus Viva™ MD

About Venus Concept:

Hey there, let’s dive right into the world of Venus Concept, a trailblazer stationed in Toronto since 2009, rocking the public arena in the realm of medical equipment manufacturing. With a tight-knit squad of 201 to 500 dedicated pros, these folks are not your everyday company; they’re architects of aesthetic transformation steering the future of non-invasive beauty solutions!

Now, imagine a world where cutting-edge is the norm. That’s Venus Concept for you! They’re in over 60 countries, hitting the mark in 29 direct markets. Guess what? They clock in over 10 million treatments globally each year. Yep, you heard that right – 10 million! And it’s not just about quantity; they’re all about the high-level care, thanks to their secret sauce – ‘Aesthetic Intelligence’.

Let’s talk goodies – their offerings are star-studded! The Venus Bliss MAX™ is like the Swiss Army knife of body sculpting, and then there’s the ARTAS iXi® – a genius hair restoration robot. They didn’t stop there; we’ve got the NeoGraft®, Venus Legacy™, Venus Velocity™, and Venus Viva™ MD. These gizmos are not just tech marvels; they’re game-changers making waves and shaping lives (quite literally!).

But here’s the kicker, they are all about empowering businesses, big or small. They disrupted the scene with the first-ever subscription model in the aesthetics industry. So, it’s not just buying a product; it’s like getting a success partner who’s got your back with top-notch services, ensuring your venture thrives.

Their culture is the icing on the cake – a global family of 500, operating with freedom, chasing excellence, valuing each other, and taking immense pride in their work. They’re not just a company; they’re a movement, a community, a force of nature in the aesthetics field!


Within the domain of body contouring equipment, the selection of a reputable manufacturer is paramount for B2B stakeholders. Based on our exhaustive analysis, we have delineated the leading 10 manufacturers in the body sculpting equipment arena. These entities not only uphold unparalleled quality but also guarantee the resilience and state-of-the-art technology of their offerings.

Given the weightage of quality, innovation, and client contentment for B2B purchasers, these manufacturers distinctly shine. By aligning with premier manufacturers, businesses can be assured of furnishing their clients with an unparalleled body contouring journey. It transcends mere equipment; it’s about the inherent value and confidence imbued through partnering with an industry leader.

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