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5 Best High Frequency Machine for Estheticians

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Recently, a product to treat acne has become highly popular. It works like a magic wand to get rid of acne and pimples on your skin, no matter how persistent they are. It is high frequency facial device. As this product is not expensive, it is simple to make someone want to purchase it, especially after viewing comparison images or videos of others using the product. Even though it can be affordable for many people, you can’t just buy one casually because it’s going to be used on your face. Here we will recommend you best frequency machine for estheticians.

What Is High Frequency Machine

In general, high frequency facial machines apply glass wands with the electrode to deliver mild current and deal with facial problems. What it does is it can generate oxygen or ozone, and you can even smell the ozone in the process of operation.

There are 2 different types of gas in the electrode. One is argon gas which is purple or violet. And it can help to generate oxygen to kill the bacteria on the skin. Argon gas is germicidal and anti-inflammatory, perfect for sensitive skin. The other is the neon gas which is orange, and the neon gas is vacuum sealed into the electrode. It is effective to treat stubborn acne.

5 Best High Frequency Machine for Estheticians

Even though high frequency machines are usually small and easy-operated, it is still crucial to carefully select a good high frequency machine that is appropriate for yourself in order to achieve a really nice effect. Here we sincerely recommend the 5 best high frequency machines to you.

  • Lift Care Lift Wand 2.0 High-Frequency Machine from Lift Care

The LlFT Wand 2.0 system is a high frequency beauty tool that oxidizes the skin and boosts blood flow through specialized glass electrodes. It is effective for treating a variety of facial conditions and improving your complexion. It achieves the results of lifting your skin, reducing wrinkles, and clearing up blemishes.


1. small and easy operation: portable and convenient to bring with.

2. 4 different electrodes: face electrode, comb shape electrode, mushroom electrode, and nose treatment electrode.

3. Moroccan Argan Oil is provided: for pre-moisturizer before using 

4. 20 watts power: strong and safe to clean the skin and lift the skin

LIFT CARE high frequency machine
  • Tumakou High-Frequency Facial Machine

Four tubes make up this Tumakou portable high frequency face machine. The cheeks, forehead, and jawline are among the larger facial features that the mushroom tube is intended to smooth out. The tongue tube is used to treat spots and pimples, the comb tube increases blood flow and lessens dryness, and the bent tube lessens dark circles and soothes your face’s sensitive areas. It can also nourish hair follicles and enhances the skin’s general texture and look.


1. Portable and simple to use

2. For different shaped tubes: mushroom tube, tongue tube, comb tube, and the bent tube

3. Functions: smooth wrinkles on the forehead, cheeks, and nasolabial folds, reduce acne and pimples, and stimulate hair gross

TUMAKOU high frequency machine
  • NewWay High-Frequency Therapy Wand Machine

This high frequency therapy device is mainly used for facial and head treatments. It enables the skin to produce new collagen for firming and fat-burning purposes. Besides, it can promote nutrient absorption and stops dangerous chemicals from growing.


1. Good and cheap

2. 4 different tubes

3. Functions: acne treatment, wrinkle reducing, skin lifting and tightening, and dark circles removal, etc.

NEW WAY high frequency mahcine
  • 7 in 1 Portable High Frequency Facial Machine from Konmison

This high frequency facial machine has 7 different electrodes in total for multiple uses. The gas in the electrode is the argon gas which appears to be purple. It is effective for disinfecting and reducing inflammation, and repairing the skin. More importantly, sensitive skin can also use it only if you have put on gauze in the treatment area.


1. Portable but multifunctional

2. 7 different shaped electrodes

3. Purple argon gas for anti-inflammation

4. Functions: sterilize skin, an-aging, wrinkle removal, reduce acne, stimulate hair gross, promote blood circulation, help wound to heal, etc.

SC640 7in1 highfrequency
Konmison SC640 7 in 1 high frequency machine
  • 4 Tubes Ozone High Frequency Facial Machine from Konmison

This high frequency facial machine applies the neon gas which appears to be orange. It can be used to treat aging skin because it focuses heat on the treatment area, which increases blood flow, encourages cellular turnover, and enhances product penetration.


1. 4 different tubes: mushroom-shaped tube, tongue-shaped tube, comb-shaped tube, and bent tube

2. Small and easy to operate: just one knob to control

3. Customize logo is offered: personal logo can be designed on the device

4. Functions: acne removal, pore shrinking, tighten skin, prevent hair loss, and smooth wrinkles, etc.

sc740 4in1 highfrequency2
Konmison SC740 4 tubes high frequency machine

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How Do I Choose a High Frequency Machine

A good high frequency machine should have the following qualities. First, it should be multifunctional. Because actually many high frequency machines on the market are much the same especially if it has a single function. A multifunctional one can bring you more different facial treatments at one time. Second, safe and easy to use. You don’t want a complex operation process when using such small devices every day. Third, find a reliable supplier. Devices from a good supplier are always trustworthy.

If you want to know more about how to find a reliable supplier, you can click on best slimming machine factories.


Anyway, high frequency machine is safe and effective, which is totally worth trying if you want to treat your acne, lift your face, and anti aging. Best high frequency machine for estheticians is provided above. Make sure you understand the principle of this kind of device well and know clearly about your own skin condition so that you can find the best high frequency machine for yourself.

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