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Happy New Year 2023


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Today is Konmison first day of work after the Spring Festival. Everyone is in good spirits after the festival, they must have had a fat year. I was very happy to receive the red packet early in the morning. Chinese New Year is also known as Lunar New Year. The Chinese rest for 7 days, which is also called the Spring Festival. People will clean up before this grand festival, which means sweeping away bad luck. Lunar New Year usually involves eating big meals, visiting relatives, setting off firecrackers, fireworks, and elders giving red packets to younger ones. During the Spring festival, people will wear new clothes, implying a new year and a new beginning. Lunar New Year ends with the Lantern Festival, when people hang up lanterns or carry them at night.

Konmison sent blessings to everyone at the annual meeting before the Chinese New Year. The planning team carefully prepared performances, mini games for us. Among the meeting, the song performance was very exciting and the singers showed off their singing voices, winning thunderous applause from the entire audience.

Different from the past, this year the company held online games, scratch games, red packets and other activities at the meeting, and the competition was very fierce. In the employee commendation session, we saw the new young talents stand out, and they injected new passion and blood into the development of Konmison 2022.Hoping that in 2023, we will continue to gallop forward, shoulder heavy responsibilities, advance towards new goals, and continue to write a new glorious chapter.

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