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Let’s Run to the Autumn Sports Meeting

Konmison autumn sports meeting

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In order to enrich employees’ spare time and enhance their physical fitness, our company often holds some activities. This time, our company launched the autumn sports meeting. The whole company was divided into 8 teams, and had set up interesting sports such as basketball competitions, running competitions, obstacle competitions, relay races, dribbling and so on. In the early autumn, there were fierce cheers, cheers, and shouts on the playground.

This fun sports meeting effectively shortened the distance between colleagues, enhanced the cohesion of the company, improved the enthusiasm of employees to participate in activities, and enhanced the communication between departments. It was a method for us to build up friendship and show their talents. In this way, we achieved both spiritual civilization and sports achievements.

It is interesting to saw the sport meeting had more fun and more innocence. The colleagues experienced the joy of sports, the joy of competition, and the joy of participation. Cultivate the awareness of rules and the spirit of cooperation, and stimulate the potential of sports. It was not only a review of employees’ psychological quality, physical quality and sports level, but also a review of organizational discipline and spiritual outlook.

This fun Games ended with cheers, but the lofty spirit of collectivism displayed by the athletes and the staff of the Games, especially the referees during this period will be an example for us. Let us run toward the goal of “higher, faster, stronger”.

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