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13 in 1 Hydra Dermabrasion Beauty Machine with Skin Analyzer


  • 12 handles+PDT lamp for total skincare

  • Detection+ cleanse+hydrate+rejuvenation

  • 5-Color PDT therapy

  • Skin care for a full face

How it works

The High Pressure Water Oxygen Handle gives a revitalising blast of oxygen to support vitality, and the Hydra Dermabrasion Pen exfoliates and renews skin. In addition to the Bipole RF and RF Roller for targeted tightening, the Oxygen Injection Handle and Nano Spray Gun improve skin hydration and nourishment even more. The Oxygen Facial and Nasal Masks provide a calming and invigorating experience, while the Plasma Handle helps with targeted skin issues. The Skin Detective Probe evaluates skin condition, the Cold Hammer lowers irritation, and the Ultrasound Handle facilitates product absorption. Lastly, the PDT Lamp provides a thorough and efficient skincare solution by utilising light therapy for general skin regeneration.

LB525 hydra beauty5


  • Skin deep cleaning

  • Blackhead& dead skin removal

  • Skin repair& rejuvenation

  • Freckle& wrinkle removal

  • Shrink pores

  • Lift& tighten skin

  • Acne removal

LB541 LED light 2
LB541 LED light 1

Main Features

LB525 hydra beauty6

Multifunctional Oepration Handles

12 Handles+PDT Lamp for Total Skincare:

Hydra Dermabrasion Pen, High Pressure Water Oxygen Handle, Oxygen Injection Handle, Bipole RF (eye), RF Roller(face), Plasma Handle, Oxygen Facial Mask, Oxygen Nasal Mask, Nano Spray Gun, Cold Hammer, Ultrasound Handle, Skin Detective Probe, and a PDT Lamp.

LB525 hydra beauty7

5-Color PDT Lamp

red, green, blue, yellow, and mixed light. Different wavelengths of light treat a variety of skin problems

LB525 hydra beauty8

2 Optional Models

Personalize your skincare regimen with versatile operating handles

Machine Structure

LB525 hydra beauty9

Machine Parameter

Model number LB525/ LB525B(with skin detection)
Technology Hydra dermabrasion+Ultrasound+Oxygen spray+Plasma+Led+RF+Mesotherapy+Cold hammer+ Oxygen bubble+Oxygen mask+PDT therapy+Skin analyzer
Handle quantity 12PCS (Optional skin detective probe)+ PDT lamp
LED color 5 colors (red, green, blue, yellow, mixed light)
Voltage 220V/50HZ
Power 250W
Touch screen 10.4-inch touch screen (LB525)

10.1-inch touch screen (LB525B)

Package size 115*61*55CM
Package weight 45KG

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