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14 in 1 Hot Bubble Hydra Oxygen Facial Machine with Skin Analyzer


  • Skin analysis and detection

  • Blackhead eradication and dead

  • Skin Brightening and whiten skin

  • Skin lifting and tightening

How it works

Utilising an extensive range of operating handles, the 14-in-1 Hydra Dermabrasion Beauty Machine provides cutting-edge skincare treatments.The capacity to detect and analyse skin, which allows for accurate evaluation of skin disorders. Hot bubble hydra dermabrasion, skin scrubber, oxygen infusion, bio roller, needle-free mesotherapy gun, photon bio brush, hot and cold hammer, ultrasonic probe, multipole RF for the face, and plasma shower are just a few of the therapeutic modalities that the machine uses. Every handle works differently to address different skincare issues, such as lifting, firming, deep cleansing, exfoliating, hydrating, reducing wrinkles, and general skin rejuvenation. This adaptable gadget guarantees a thorough and efficient skincare experience, encouraging healthier, more radiant skin by providing customisable treatments catered to individual needs.

LB547BC Z24


  • Brightening and whiten skin

  • Sedation and skin detox

  • Encourage the absorption of nutrients

  • Diminish inflammation and redness

  • Skin lifting and tightening


Main Features

LB547c 5 1

Hydra dermabrasion pen (hot bubble)

For a more thorough cleansing of the face, use hot bubble water (8 hard/soft suction tips for various people).

LB547c 6

Needle-free mesotherapy gun

Three technologies in one: micronanocrystalline, RF, and EMS, which enhance nutrient absorption

LB547c 7

Photon Bio Brush

For controlling the scalp and cleansing the lymphatic system. The scalp is directly exposed to a powerful microcurrent, which activates the scalp and dredges meridians.

LB547c 8

Ultrasound probe

To encourage the skin’s metabolism and absorption of nutrients by high-frequency ultrasonic wave vibration.

LB547c 9

Plasma shower

For treating acne and using plasma to restore damaged and ageing skin.

LB547c 10

Skin scrubber

Skin cleaning and debris removal with ultrasonic high frequency vibration.

LB547c 11

Oxygen bubble pen

It is possible to apply it on the face, arm, and back in addition to other body areas for face cleaning and whitening.

LB547c 12

Multi-pole RF (face)

For multi-pole RF skin lifting and face heat therapy

LB547c 13

Hot & cold hammer

Able to be heated or cooled. Heating to release muscle and increase blood flow, and cooling to minimise pores and preserve moisture.

LB547c 14

Bio roller* 2

To tighten the skin and increase blood flow, use the particular a micro-electric current pulse.

LB547c 15

Bipole RF (eye)

Help tighten and erase fine wrinkles from the skin around the eyes by heating the area.


LB547c 16

Oxygen pen

Injecting oxygen and saline into the skin’s dermal layer.

Machine Structure

LB547C 5

Machine Parameter

Model number LB547C
Technology Hydra Spray+Plasma+Bio+Led+Mesotherapy+RF+Cold spray+Plasma+ Bio+Led+Mesotherapy+RF+Cold heat hammer+ Oxygen bubble+skin analyzer
Handle quantity 14pcs
Hydra dermabrasion tips 8pcs (4 hard tips& 4 soft tips )
Type Vertical
Voltage AC110V/220V
Power 150W
Display 10-inch touch screen
Package size (screen) 47.5*18*38CM
Package weight (screen) 4.9KG
Package size (main host) 121.5*55*65CM
Package weight (main host) 38.5KG

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