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14 in 1 Hydra Dermabrasion Oxygen Peel Facial Beauty Machine


  • 15 different operation handles

  • 360° rotatable touch screen

  • Deep cleaning+Skin rejuvenating

How it works

For complete skin regeneration, this 14-in-1 Hydra Dermabrasion Machine uses a variety of cutting-edge concepts. The Diamond Microdermabrasion Handle smoothes out skin texture, the Bubble Pen thoroughly cleans, and the Hydra Dermabrasion Pen exfoliates and clears clogged pores. The Skin Scrubber deep exfoliates using high-frequency vibrations, and the Ultrasound Handles optimise the efficacy of the product. Skin is tightened by the radiofrequency technology in the RF Handles, while the Oxygen Spray Gun nourishes and revitalises. The High-Frequency Current Wand cures blemishes, the Cold Hammer calms, and the Photon Bio Brush uses LED therapy to target specific ailments. While the Electric Skincare Pen improves product absorption and collagen formation, the Vacuum Pen eliminates pollutants.

LB617 hydra beauty5


  • Skin deep cleaning & moisturizing

  • Dead skin& blackhead removal

  • Skin tightening & lifting

  • Skin whitening & brightening

  • Wrinkle removal

  • Skin detox & sedation

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LB541 LED light 2

Main Features

LB617 hydra beauty6

15 Different Operation Handles

Hydra Dermabrasion Pen, Diamond Microdermabrasion Handle, Bubble Pen, Skin Scrubber, Flat Ultrasound Handle, Pointy Ultrasound Handle, Oxygen Spray Gun, Tripole RF Handle, Bipole RF Handle, Photon Bio Brush×2, Cold Hammer, High-Frequency Current Wand, Vacuum Pen, and Electric Skincare Pen offer a comprehensive facial care treatment.

LB617 hydra beauty8

360° Rotatable Touch Screen

Effortlessly navigate and customize your skincare treatments with a user-friendly interface.

Machine Structure

LB617 hydra beauty7

Machine Parameter

Model number LB617
Technology Hydra dermabrasion+diamond microdermabrasion+ ultrasound+ oxygen spray+ Bio+ Led+ RF+ cold hammer+ oxygen bubble+ high-frequency current+ vacuum+ skin scrubber
Handle quantity 15 PCS (2 Bio brush handles)
Hydra dermabrasion tip 8PCS
Diamond microdermabrsion tip 9PCS
Type Vertical
RF frequency 5 MHz
Ultrasound 1 MHz
Voltage AC110V-240V; 50/ 60Hz
Display 360° rotatable touch screen
Package size 54*49*92cm
Package weight 48.5kg

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