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2 in 1 Desktop Micro-vibration Inner Ball Roller NEO Body Slimming Machine


  • A 360-degree clever rotating drum handle

  • Mechanical handle for compression

  • 15.6-inch smart touch screen

How it works

The idea is to roll the silicone ball along the roller’s 360° revolution to produce compression micro-vibration. The ball rotates and applies pressure to the skin, creating a “pulsation compression” effect that allows the constant pushing, tugging, and kneading motion to be realised and results in some pressure being applied to the tissue. The organisation is put to pressure to stretch cells to naturally and deeply promote cell activity, blood flow, and oxygenation; as a result, the fat deposits are pressurised and then freed for final breakdown. This lifting action will not squeeze or harm the skin. removes and reduces cellulite; additionally, it applies pressure to deep muscle groups to fully stretch and soften them, which reduces soreness and stiffness in the muscles; furthermore, it speeds up metabolism, gets rid of fluid buildup and stagnation; conditions tissues and tightens up skin tissues, reshaping your body.


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  • Muscles should be relaxed and in balance

  • Skin Tightening

  • Minimise wrinkles in your expression

  • Form and contours

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Main Features

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Small handle(for face, neck, shoulders)

There are a total of 5 replaceable heads on the small handle, three of which are standard and two of which are optional.

Standard heads: Slilcone+Gold(70 small beads)+V type Silicone(60 small beads)

Optional heads: V type Gold+Plastic(60 small beads)

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Large handle(for body)

The large handle has three 45 big beads standard heads which are made of silicone, gold and plastic.

Machine Structure

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Machine Parameter

Model number JF872
Technology Micro-vibration + Red and blue light
Light color Red and blue light (adjustable at will)
Speed of small handle 675rpm
Speed of large handle 900rpm
Output power 10-300W
Input Voltage AC100-220V
Aluminum box size 64*39*61.5cm
Total weight 17.5kg

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